January 21, 2021 eCommerce Solutions

Commerce Pundit Earns Another 5-Star Review

Commerce Pundit Earns Another 5-Star Review

Running an e-commerce business isn’t an easy or guaranteed step to success. With a fail rate of nearly 80%, we have found that the most successful e-commerce companies are the ones who do two things: 1) Invest time into thinking about what their customers are looking for, and 2) Partner with the right resources to help them grow.

Working with an experienced e-commerce developer allows you to stop most problems early on and avoid others altogether. A professional development house will offer a wide variety of services, but a dedicated e-commerce team will have that extra depth of knowledge and experience that can take your online business to the next level.

Finding a top-notch e-commerce development agency these days, however, can be a challenge. In the age of Amazon reviews and Google My Business, you’re probably looking for online reviews and references you can trust, but with millions of hits to sort through, this quickly becomes an overwhelming task.

Enter Clutch, a site dedicated to B2B ratings and reviews. Clutch offers businesses the opportunity to sift through unbiased reviews and compare service solutions with other related companies. On Clutch, our clients have rated Commerce Pundit among the leading e-commerce agencies in Atlanta. You can also find us among the top 50 e-commerce developers worldwide on The Manifest, another site that shortlists market leaders based on their proven ability to deliver.


Part of our high ratings and success come from having over 250 resources to offer that specialize in the most widely-used e-commerce platforms, including Magento and Shopify. We also offer store optimization services on popular marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. Not only that, our primary clientele consists of small and mid-sized businesses, which means that we take every client seriously and dedicate our utmost to their project. (You can find the visual portfolios of agencies like ours on third-party platforms like Visual Objects.)

It’s factors like these that have brought us success and earned us an average rating of 4.6 stars from more than 20 satisfied clients. One of these very satisfied reviews is from an Arkansas-based printing company that specializes in producing event passes.

They asked for our help in revamping their existing e-commerce platform. Their team specifically needed more streamlined connections between the sales and production sides of things, as well as greater control over specific e-commerce assets. Ultimately, we were able to deliver a platform that not only met our client’s expectations, but exceeded them.

“From the first 30 days of having the site up, we’ve had less customer service interaction involving orders and volumes are higher,” reports their COO. “There’s been a huge difference in the order process in general. Users can easily be taken into each different phase and finding everything quickly, without any intervention from us.”

If you’re looking to elevate every part of your e-commerce experience like some of our past clients, get in touch with our experts today to request a quote.

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