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Magento Development Services for Gift Shop Industry

If you want to build a top tier website for your online gift shop, you are going to want to use Magento. This platform has everything you could ever want for a website, from a flexible base on which to build your website to all the features to make you stand out from the competition. Read on to find out more about Magento store development for gift shops, the kinds of features this platform can provide for you, and how your website will see tremendous results from it.

Magento Development Services for Gift Shop Industry


Magento has many benefits for gift shop retailers. It allows you to integrate the Celerant ERP system into your website, which comes with so many amazing features that will make your online gift ecommerce store that much better. You can easily access customer information, sales information, and even start loyalty programs and input the data needed for that, among so many other benefits. It is so effective that it is the only database any gift ecommerce store will ever need, as it can keep track of any information you need to run your business. You can easily see what customers are looking at and plan promotions and target customers around it, which will be a tremendous help.

Key Features of Website

There are many features of a Magento gift shop site that make it an ideal platform to build your website on. First off, it is easier to manage campaigns on your website thanks to the Celerant ERP consolidating the sales information from across all channels together to make it easier to create targeted sales and email campaigns. Now gift stores do not have to waste countless hours looking for all the exact data they need. Secondly, this system lets gift stores access their analytics across multiple channels. This means they will gain a clearer idea of a customer’s buying habits for creating targeted sales and planning promotions. Overall, your online gift marketplace will benefit from these features, and they will lead to you being able to plan better promotions for your customers.


Like any ecommerce store, an online gift store faces its fair share of challenges. For one thing, you must ensure that your website is appealing to customers. Visuals are vital for drawing people to your product, and if they cannot see what makes your product better than the rest then how can you explain to them why they should buy from you? Additionally, you need to add features to your website that make it easier to navigate, ensuring that customers enjoy themselves when they visit your site and can find everything they need. These features can be as simple as customer testimonials or as complex as sorting and filtering features, but neither one is a problem when you work with Magento.


Magento is the best choice for your online ecommerce store specializing in gifts because it easily provides you with the solutions you need to make your website better. You can build a live chat feature into your website to give your customers easier access to you, add links to your social media pages, and include sorting and filtering options on your search pages. Some other features that will help your website include a blog, customer testimonials, multi-language options, and multiple shipping options for your products. These features help establish your website as a trustworthy store. Something else that will work to your benefit is giving customers the ability to add special touches to your products. Since you are a gift store, you should let customers customize their gifts to tailor them to their recipient. Customers are willing to pay extra for this feature, so it can only help you eventually.

Facts and Statistics of current trends

Magento is a leading website platform, especially in the gift store retail industry, and that is for good reason. Magento has managed to build a reputation for itself in the website building industry, accounting for as many as 1.2% of websites. US based websites are particularly fond of Magento, since 11% of US websites are built on the Magento platform. But why this love for Magento? It relates to the fact that when an ecommerce platform builds its website on Magento, it can lead to revenue growth anywhere from 10 to 80%. With numbers like that, it is no wonder that gift shop enterprises are flocking to this platform for their websites.


The result of using Magento to build your website is a website that works better for both your business and your customers. Magento works best for marketplaces for gifts because it allows you to include everything you would need. Plus, it gives you the flexibility to change your website as you see fit. If you change your website over to Magento, you will see results that lead to higher revenues, a more engaged customer base, and overall better website performance. Choose Magento to help you stand out from the competition.

Magento Managed Support

Now that we have gone over everything that makes Magento the ideal choice for your online shops to buy gifts, we can explain the benefits of Magento managed support. Building a website takes a lot, and you should not have to do it all on your own. That is why working with a Magento expert is a great idea. A Magento expert can walk you through the process and guide you towards what is best for your website, or even transfer your website from its original platform to the Magento platform. When you work with a Magento expert, you can rest assured that your website is safe.

Get Magento Managed Service

By now you are wondering who you should call about using Magento to build your website. Luckily, Commerce Pundit has a team of experts ready to offer their Magento ecommerce development services to you and your business. We will go over your wants and needs for your website with you and stick with you through every step of the process. We have years of experience building websites on this platform, and we are confident we can build the best possible website for your business. In addition, we keep up with Magento updates, so we are always ready to add new features to your website to help it run better.

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