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The Top 5 eCommerce Platforms to Use for Your Online Store

The Top 5 eCommerce Platforms to Use for Your Online Store

The ecommerce platform market is incredibly saturated, making it quite challenging for online retailers to cut through the fat and find the shopping cart software that bests meets their needs.

If you’ve searched for a platform to run your ecommerce store, there’s no doubt you’ve often walked away with more questions than answers. That’s why we’re breaking down the top 5 ecommerce platforms you should consider using for your online store.


It should be no surprise that the list begins with Magento. With more than 150,000 users around the globe, Magento has proven its place in the ecommerce world. It’s incredibly flexible and powerful right out of the box, but it’s true power comes in its open-source design. Magento Developers are constantly at work releasing security patches and upgraded versions to ensure Magento’s many users have the most advanced version of the ecommerce platform that’s possible.


Following the open-source trend, we need not look any further than osCommerce, which is one of the oldest open source platforms out there. Having started in Germany in 2000, OsCommerce has proven that software solutions can, in fact, remain relevant for many years.


OpenCart is a protected ecommerce platform for online stores that gives you the power to create your own online business while connecting your ecommerce needs smoothly and hassle-free. Many business owners turn to OpenCart because it can be used any web server with PHP and MySQL running on it.

Zen Cart

Zen Cart is PHP-based, using a MySQL database and HTML components. It branched from osCommerce in 2003 as a separate project. Beyond some design changes, the most significant differences between Zen Cart and osCommerce comes from Zen Cart’s architectural changes (such as a template system). It’s 1.3x series moved Zen Cart’s template system away from a tables-layout approach to a more CSS-based design.


During the course of your online navigation on any given day, chances are you’ll have encountered a WordPress website. With millions upon millions of downloads to date, many ecommerce folks don’t realize that WordPress can be more than just what it was initially created for (a blogging platform). Its modifiable CMS system and wide range of plugins make it one of the most powerful solutions on the market.

Which ecommerce solution is right for you?

In the end, be sure you choose a platform that will allow you to sell your products in the best manner for both you and your clients! Need help choosing the right platform for your needs? Contact Commerce Pundit today!

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