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Top Five Digital marketing trends to expect in 2024

Top Five Digital marketing trends to expect in 2024

According to a recently released report, 96% customers prefer using their smartphone while making a search. Market analysts say that we are at a critical stage which can be called break or make. Another report shares that almost 50% of marketers don’t use any segmentation and less than one-third of people surveyed use basic segmentation to target.

Let’s move layer by layer

Keeping things short and simple in today’s world indeed consumes a lot of time and efforts. Saturating a descriptive message into a sentence or a small few second video is an art that has become a must. With the increasing scope of digital marketing, marketers need to treasure the quality. Well, this is just one trend that’s dominating the market. Besides this, having a mobile-friendly website, whitespace, loyalty programs, and lot more are in the box. Let’s have a look at them;

Top five digital marketing trends to look for in 2024

  1. Soaking Micro-Moments: If we go with the words of ‘Think with Google’, are highly evaluative and crucial touchpoints. These are the points where a buyer expects to have their requirements filled with useful information, irrespective of time and location. It has been noticed that everytime a customer wants to search for something, the mobile experience is what gathers most impressions instantly. Looking at this, it is believed that for 2024, marketers will have to put efforts in making information available to users at quick touchpoints. In fact, having a responsive website is part of it. This will eventually help them not just attract customers but also to engage them and earn their loyalty.
  2. Talk about Martech: Marketing technology (Also known as Martech) is growing with every passing day. According to a report released in last half decade around $134 billion was invested in Martech startups alone. However, if we take a closer look, it includes three core categories, namely, Advertising technology, B2C marketing, and B2B marketing. And there’s no way that you can follow a single right-hand thumb rule for all the aforementioned categories. It is expected that in the coming year being a dominant sales tool, Salesforce will dominate B2B marketing while B2C marketing companies might probably build a B2C system of record from the scratch to final purchase of goods/services.
  3. Algorithms will rule: Though initially social media networks were known for their simplicity, things have changed with time. Making money through platforms requires algorithms to be programmed, so as to ensure social channels monetize their distribution. The data volume has exploded drastically in last one decade and is getting driven by social networks and smartphones primarily. To unleash best results through these technologies, we require algorithms. A report shares that YouTube is watched for 5.97 billion hours every day, while 4.3 billion messages are posted on Facebook every day and 67 million images on Instagram get posted every 24 hours. Learning to use them productively to enhance digital marketing has become crucial and this is why it is believed that year 2024 will be dominated by more and more algorithms.
  4. Applications and platforms: Most of us can remember the advent of websites and the way they grabbed the market’s attention and became the need. A study reveals that people today are spending more times on applications in comparison to websites. Being precise that counts more than 86% of the time. The trend didn’t raise overnight, instead, it dwelled with time and can’t be overlooked. To attain set benchmarks in 2024, marketers will have to work on the ways to attract and engage their target audience through applications and platforms.
  5. Artificial Intelligence: Though last on our list, but this one, in particular, is taking the entire globe through a storm. Though created by humans, Artificial Intelligence has proved its excellence in doing two things which humans are not really that good at doing; scaling humanity and collating enormous data to derive some sense out of it. There’s a wide range of apps and platforms that are currently using Artificial Intelligence for niche marketing optimization. To name, we can consider chatbot as that one of the first technology that’s using AI to handle initial inquiries and answer them in an interactive manner, without any human involvement. It is believed that the coming year will unveil new realms with AI like, content creation, email marketing, pay per click advertising etc.


Digital marketing has evolved and transformed itself as an invincible need to grow your business online. The web world is house of audiences of different geographical locations, age, gender and preference. For an entrepreneur, it is vital to learn about the innovative ways that can eventually help you succeed in growing your business and surpassing market obstacles.

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