January 22, 2021 eCommerce Solutions

Commerce Pundit’s online Clutch Profile Successfully Highlights Magento eCommerce!

Commerce Pundit’s online Clutch Profile Successfully Highlights Magento eCommerce!


At Commerce Pundit, we understand that the web development and graphic design field is highly competitive. We know that our niche—creating corporate identities and custom Magento eCommerce solutions—is strong and sets us apart from the rest of the pack. However, we also know that without proper visibility, the rest of the world might not know this.

That’s why we’ve created a profile with Clutch. Clutch, a research-based firm in Washington, D.C., has created an online directory system that’s comprised of the best companies in the digital marketing world. At Commerce Pundit, we carefully and thoroughly built our profile, and were pleasantly surprised to see the final results online. Not only do our future clients have the opportunity to learn about the services we offer, and the industries we provide solutions to, but they can also read thorough reviews that Clutch has curated from extensive interviews with our past clients.

The reviews of our Magento eCommerce Development system have been incredibly favorable; our average customer review is 4.8 out of 5 stars! One of our valued customers, the founder of an artistic print company, said, “They helped me greatly in transforming my vision into something tangible. I consider them to be honest and a trusted business partner.”

We’re beyond excited to learn that our Magento eCommerce Development system is making a positive difference for the businesses we serve. Commerce Pundit doesn’t just provide the eCommerce system and then leave our clients to fend for themselves. Not only do we offer Magento eCommerce, but we also have a certified team available to answer any questions clients have while their websites are being built, as well as after the website is completed.

With Magento eCommerce, we know that no two online shopping experiences are ever the same—and that’s a good thing! In fact, no two websites with Magento eCommerce Development systems are the same. Each website we make has a completely custom, unique Magento eCommerce system that’s tailored for your company. Magento also makes it easier to market your products, boost your SEO rankings, and the final result is client-friendly.

We also offer plenty of Magento extensions to enhance the user experience of our clients’ customers. These extensions, such as the PayPal Partner BN Code or the FAQ system, make the visitor experience easier and seamless.

So far, Clutch has been instrumental in bringing awareness to our stunning websites that showcase Magento eCommerce capabilities. Feel free to check out our Clutch profile here. Have more questions, or have an interest in Magneto eCommerce Development? Fill out our form to request a quote, or call us for more information!

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