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By 2040, e-commerce enterprises are predicted to account for 95% of all purchases. However, companies with slow-loading pages lose potential customers despite having a robust online presence. These losses directly impact the conversion rate. And all, the traffic is meaningless unless it converts into potential customers.

Do not panic, though! At Commerce Pundit, we consider it our responsibility to assist you in methodically optimizing your business. We offer targeted marketing solutions in any e-commerce area you require assistance- from selecting the right platform to incorporating the effective site search to optimizing your online venture’s commercial and technical performance.

With over a decade of experience and a team of highly skilled and dedicated managers for SEO, PPC, and Social Media Marketing services, we’ve established a reputation for providing cutting-edge solutions.

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Technology Selection

Choosing the right tools and technology is imperative to successful eCommerce marketing. Following are the eCommerce services Commerce Pundit offers to their clients.


Our holistic approach to Shopify optimization enables mid-sized and enterprise-level businesses to use Shopify to achieve their sales objectives. Our team strives carefully to optimize your Shopify store’s setup, theme, and conversion tracking and to improve your store’s Google ranking. In addition, we have years of experience working in eCommerce, having built and optimized new Shopify sites.

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Our developers are specialists in both the Magento community and enterprise versions. We have used Magento to build hundreds of company’s websites, including many of the most outstanding and most innovative eCommerce solutions. In addition, our experts run even the busiest sites with extensive product setups and business regulations on the community version.

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Marketing on Search Engines

Marketing on search engines is not as complicated as it may seem. With the right tools and expertise in place, we can increase your brand’s visibility.

Search Engine Optimization

Commerce Pundit’s SEO services will get you on the path to success. We help you increase traffic and conversion rates by delivering fresh text material in all languages, precise product descriptions, categories and tags, and market information.

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Pay Per Click

Managing a major pay-per-click campaign does not happen by chance or squandering money on excessively high bids to increase traffic. Commerce Pundit understands what it takes to run a successful pay-per-click campaign. Whether you’re looking to improve conversions, website traffic, or both, our technology-enabled PPC management services can help you accomplish your objectives.

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Marketing on Social Media

To create an influential brand community, you have to know where your audience is. For example, Facebook and Instagram work the best for B2C customers, while LinkedIn is better for engaging B2B audiences. The more engaged your targeted audience is, the easier it is to achieve your other marketing goals.

As a renowned e-commerce marketing agency, we specialize in leveraging all social media channels to accelerate business growth. So whether you want to boost your brand’s social media presence or generate targeted leads via social media advertising, our marketing services will help you achieve your objectives.

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Omni Channel Marketing

We strive to create a consistent brand voice and customer experience across all the channels you use to connect with your customers.

Marketing Automation

While most web analytics data could provide general information about your customers’ behavior, only marketing automation systems can create customized reports. Commerce Pundit’s marketing automation services streamline the process of moving leads from the top of the marketing funnel to the sales-ready stage.

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Email Marketing

At Commerce Pundit, we do not see email marketing as an outdated marketing tactic. Instead, we harness our unique email marketing brand to ensure that this powerful tool is utilized correctly by online stores. With e-commerce at the heart of our business, we provide end-to-end email marketing services and a wide variety of email campaigns based on sound business concepts suited to your specific needs.

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    What is the importance of e-commerce?

    E-commerce enables enterprises to reach a broader audience than traditional retail. With so many people purchasing items online, the retail sector is the fastest growing online environment.

    Are Commerce Pundit’s e-commerce solutions easy for clients to use?

    Yes, we provide e-commerce marketing services that make it easy for your customers to place an order from a computer or a mobile device.

    Will my e-commerce website work on mobile as well?

    The ideal e-commerce platform must always allow for order placement by mobile phone. We ensure that your retail website either includes a native mobile application or is readily available via a mobile browser on your buyers’ phones.

    Will the e-commerce website you develop stand the test of time?

    Our e-commerce websites have these essential characteristics that stand the test of time.

    • Being mobile-friendly
    • A modern-looking buyer interface
    • Regular updates and feature additions
    • Accommodating your selling rules
    Does having a storefront on shopify have any benefits?

    Yes, it has many benefits, including:

    • Easy to use
    • Advanced features
    • App integrations
    • Security and reliability
    • Beautiful design
    • Excellent loading speed
    • Mobile responsiveness
    • Outstanding customer support
    • SEO friendly
    • Easy + integrated payments
    Easy + integrated payments I own a small business. Do I need an e-commerce website?

    You need an e-commerce website no matter the size of your business. It provides low-cost access to new markets and customers while allowing you to grow without hiring sales personnel or negotiating distribution agreements.

    Do you provide security for the e-commerce websites you design?

    We employ the Internet’s encryption standard to ensure the security of our client’s website. As a result, your clients can input their credit card information in a secure atmosphere.

    How much time does it take to build an e-commerce website?

    That depends on the site’s complexity. However, you can be fully operational in roughly three weeks.

    Is Commerce Pundit available for help on the phone?

    Our e-commerce professionals are available to assist you on the phone, through email, or live chat.

    Can I build my new e-commerce site while my other website is still active?

    Yes! When you choose one of our solution providers, you will receive a standard third-level domain to utilize in conjunction with the development of your new website. Then, when you’re ready to launch your new online store, modify your DNS settings to link your current web domain to your new site.

    Can I use my domain name?

    Definitely! You can direct your domain to your new e-commerce website. You are not required to utilize subdomains or any other type of placeholder domain name.

    Will the potential customers be able to find my online store? If yes, how?

    Millions of individuals use the online world to search for the products they want. At Commerce Pundit, we optimize your website to get your products listed at the top of search engine results.

    Does Commerce Pundit work with multiple e-commerce platforms?

    Commerce Pundit integrates with a variety of platforms. It’s our goal to help you identify the most appropriate platform for your business objectives.

    What does an e-commerce marketing agency do?

    A full-service e-commerce marketing agency can help launch your online store, optimize its design and functionality, and increase your marketing ROI.

    Why hire an e-commerce agency?

    E-commerce agencies help you start or grow your e-commerce business without the need for a full-time in-house team. An agency will help you scale your website development, marketing, and customer care operations.

    What is an e-commerce agency?

    An e-commerce agency is a third-party organization that can assist you in starting, managing, and growing your e-commerce business without hiring a full-time team to handle marketing and store management. E-commerce marketing and customer service organizations can assist you with website building, marketing, and customer service.

    Is it best to hire a digital agency or an individual?

    It is more cost-effective to use e-commerce services than to hire an individual. E-commerce agencies charge a flat rate for their services, are constantly looking for ways to please their clients, and ensure that your project is completed to the best of their abilities. If you are dissatisfied, they will make the necessary adjustments.

    What services do e-commerce agencies offer?

    Commerce Pundit services include:

    • Digital marketing
    • PPC campaigns
    • Social media marketing
    • Email marketing
    • Store branding
    • Product marketing
    • Webstore design
    • Website development
    • Campaign management
    How do you select an e-commerce agency?

    To select the best e-commerce agency for you:

    • Look into their past industry experience
    • Read their case studies
    • Research and compare their pricing
    • Go through testimonials and client reviews
    Does hiring an e-commerce agency have any benefits?

    If you lack technological experience and the funds to hire full-time workers, an e-commerce agency is your best alternative. Partnering with a professional e-commerce firm enables you to scale your business, accelerate growth, and maintain a competitive edge in the highly competitive e-commerce industry.

    How to pick the appropriate e-commerce agency?

    These ten points can help you choose the right e-commerce agency.

    • Business goals
    • Best practices
    • Client success
    • Company’s portfolio
    • Communication
    • Fit
    • Industry knowledge
    • Skill
    • Marketing skills
    • Pricing
    What is a merchant account in e-commerce marketing?

    A merchant account helps you accept various forms of payment, such as credit cards, seamlessly.

    How can Commerce Pundit help me secure a merchant account?

    Many banks do not provide merchant accounts to smaller companies. Commerce Pundit will assist you in establishing a merchant account for your firm that fits your needs.

    How fast are e-commerce marketing campaign’s results?

    Our clients typically experience some returns after a month, but it usually takes a few months to see big results.

    Are there any system requirements for handling e-commerce websites?

    To use your e-commerce control center, you must be connected to the Internet and use a browser that supports JavaScript. It is advised that you use the most recent version of Internet Explorer, Microsoft, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

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