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What is Email Marketing and Why Do You Need it?

Email marketing is a way to reach your customers directly through incentives. You can offer discounts, special promotional offers, or anything you think your customers would enjoy. Even better, it’s an inexpensive marketing tactic.

Without email marketing, your company is missing out on an easy and effective way of reaching your customers. If you want to take advantage of this marketing strategy, you need a good email marketing company helping you plan a marketing campaign. Commerce Pundit, an email marketing business in Atlanta, can help.

Are Emails the oldest, the cheapest, and most ignored channel?

While it’s true that email is an older form of communication, it’s stayed around for a reason. Email marketing is effective, especially if you have a good strategy. A good email marketing agency for ecommerce can help you craft this strategy and ensure that you’re reaching your audience.

Commerce Pundit is happy to provide excellent email campaign services for your business, from planning a campaign to executing it.

Why Commerce Pundit, An Email Marketing Agency for eCommerce Marketing?

Commerce Pundit is a full-service email marketing agency with a client retention rate of 91%, and that’s not for nothing. We’ve helped our clients’ businesses generate over 3 million leads, 1.5 million phone calls, and over $1.5 billion in revenue over the previous decade. Our email marketing firm is here to help you plan a successful email marketing campaign that grows your business, and to help maintain that campaign.

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Email Marketing Services

Transactional Emails

Transactional emails, such as account creation and password reset emails, are vital to an email marketing campaign because of their high open rate. Working with Commerce Pundit, an eCommerce email marketing agency, guarantees that your transaction emails are effective and get to your subscribers.

Drip Campaigns

If you’re struggling to keep up with drip campaigns, Commerce Pundit can help. We have several years of experience in email marketing campaign services, meaning we can craft a solution and plan your drip campaign. Commerce Pundit is also integrated with Zapier, so we can automate processes like introducing new prospects or customers who purchase your email list.


A big part of online store email marketing is promotional emails, and Commerce Pundit can help you craft a promotional strategy for your email marketing campaign. We know which promotional tactics to use and when to reach more consumers, and how to leverage promotional emails with other digital marketing strategies.

Marketing Automation

One of the most important email marketing services for a small business is marketing automation. Through email marketing automation, marketers can schedule promotional emails to be sent out to their mailing list subscribers at specific times. It’s an excellent way to connect with prospects and consumers, and Commerce Pundit can help you with this process.

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    What is Email Marketing?

    Email marketing is sending marketing messages via email, most often to a group of individuals. It can be defined broadly as any email delivered to a prospective or existing customer. It entails sending advertisements, soliciting business, or purchases, or donations by email.

    Why is email marketing necessary?

    Email marketing is critical for developing relationships with potential customers, existing clients, and even past customers since it enables you to communicate with them directly, in their inbox, at their convenience.

    How to monetize your email marketing efforts?

    You can monetize your email marketing by following these simple steps:

    • Offer a product or service for sale;
    • Promote the products of others;
    • Upsell premium or limited-edition products;
    • Cross-sell complementary products;
    • Acquire repeat business;
    • Prepare a cart abandonment strategy;
    • Solicit assistance in spreading the news;
    • Streamline your email marketing by automating them.
    Why are emails necessary?

    Email is a critical mode of corporate communication since it is quick, inexpensive, accessible, and easily copied. In addition, email can significantly benefit businesses since it enables the efficient and effective transmission of all types of electronic data.

    Does email marketing result in higher sales?

    Not only is email marketing a cost-effective method of increasing revenue, but it is also applicable to every industry. Increasing email income can significantly boost return on investment: When consumers receive email offers, they spend 138% more than when they do not receive email offers.

    Is a website required for email marketing?

    There is no doubt that marketing is simplified when you have a website. Nonetheless, email marketing without a website is possible and, more crucially, successful. It enables you to offer value to your organization and maintain contact with current and prospective consumers.

    What purpose does email serve?

    Email is a critical mode of corporate communication since it is quick, inexpensive, accessible, and easily copied. In addition, email can significantly benefit businesses since it enables the efficient and effective transmission of all types of electronic data.

    Why is email marketing critical to a small business's success?

    Email marketing enables the expansion of markets, the acquisition of new customer bases, and the development of strong, long-term client connections. These benefits are essential, especially for small enterprises. You can send compelling newsletter content straight to your consumer base with email marketing.

    How can I compel customers to read my email?

    Customers open emails from senders with whom they have a link and those that seem helpful. Thus, the first step is to understand your customer’s expectations and the most critical issues.

    Customers instantly interact with emails that are tailored and have a relevant call to action. Additionally, if you generate an urgency, they will read and respond.

    Concentrate on the value you add to the customer and the rewards you provide.

    Should I purchase an email list or build one from scratch?

    Purchasing an email list is an absolute no-no! These email addresses are unverified and not all are interested in your business. Furthermore, if your subscribers are not actively participating in your emails or are uninterested, your email marketing efforts will be in vain.

    There are numerous ways to build your opt-in email list. When clients visit your website, you must collect their email addresses and present them with a deliverable such as an ebook, whitepaper, or other resource.

    A pop-up box requesting their email addresses should assist in building a list of subscribers. You can include a sidebar that prompts visitors to your blog to sign in and share their email addresses. Be sure to inquire about their consent to send them emails and promotional materials.

    What are the best subject lines to use while drafting a mail?

    Subject lines must be compelling enough to elicit the action of opening the message, it is the very first thing your subscribers will notice and serves as your entry point to further communication.

    Therefore, make it personalized, concise, and convey an essential point to the audience. You have 3-4 seconds to make an impression and convince someone to read an email.

    Furthermore, by specifying a deadline, you can elicit inquiries or build urgency.

    What constitutes a satisfactory email open rate?

    The open rate of an email is the percentage of recipients who opened it. If an email is not opened, the recipient has no prospect of connecting with your content or brand.

    On average, 10-15% of open email rates are beneficial to the sender. However, it is entirely dependent on your sector and target audience.

    How can I create an eye-catching email?

    Utilize attention-grabbing visuals, call-to-actions, and illustrated animations to garner interest. Avoid using an excessive number of font styles, colors, and font sizes. Allow sufficient line spacing as well, this results in excellent readability. It’s beneficial to utilize bright colors in your emails, depending on their context.

    In general, creating an appealing email requires attention to detail and a creative eye.

    How can I prevent subscribers from canceling their subscriptions?

    Send pertinent emails that are beneficial to the customer. Additionally, you can educate them on current industry trends. The primary purpose of an email is to establish contact with customers; be sure to maximize the effectiveness of this medium.

    Isn't it true that social media marketing is eclipsing email marketing?

    Indeed, according to recent figures, email reaches three times as many people as Facebook and Twitter combined. That is a considerable distinction. However, while social media marketing is viral and continues to grow in popularity daily, it is far from taking the role of email marketing anytime soon.

    Is an email newsletter necessary?

    A newsletter may be the best option for certain businesses, while others prefer a different strategy. However, it is acceptable to send an email containing only one content or a single marketing message. Customize your email structure for your audience and experiment to determine what performs best.A newsletter may be the best option for certain businesses, while others prefer a different strategy. However, it is acceptable to send an email containing only one content or a single marketing message. Customize your email structure for your audience and experiment to determine what performs best.

    How frequently should I send promotional emails?

    You should send promotional emails as frequently as possible without becoming obnoxious. You want to send emails often, but not so frequently that people unsubscribe or, worse, classify them as spam. So, where is the sweet spot? It varies with each firm. Once a month is enough for some, while daily emails are sufficient for others.

    What should I use to send emails— HTML or plain text?

    There is no single correct response, even while some swear by the stunning, eye-catching visuals of HTML emails. Others believe that simple text appears best in all email programs and is never blocked, as an image can be. But, again, it is entirely dependent on your specific audience and their tastes, so experiment with both and see which is the most successful.

    What should the length of my emails be?

    An individual will read an email for approximately 20 seconds, so use that as a guideline. If your mail is lengthy and takes individuals more than 20 seconds to read, they will most likely not read the preliminary information. Thus, it is advisable to place CTA, links, and essential information on the top of the email with a crisp subject line.

    How can I increase the number of subscribers who open my emails?

    Write an excellent subject line, and you are good to go. But, unfortunately, apart from your firm name, consumers have little other information to aid in their split-second judgment when they read your email in their inbox.

    Is it a good idea to outsource email marketing to an email marketing agency?

    Yes, by all means. If you are contemplating delegating email tasks to an experienced professional, we at Commerce Pundit would be delighted to assist you! We can help you develop an efficient email marketing strategy and then execute it for you, leaving you to sit back and reap the rewards. To get started, contact us today!

    What are the benefits of hiring Commerce Pundit as an email marketing agency?

    Hiring Commerce Pundit enables you to launch your campaigns immediately.

    You are not required to climb a learning curve or form a team from scratch. Instead, within weeks of developing a strategy, you can see your campaigns live.

    So, don’t look any further. Instead, begin by identifying your requirements and communicating them to us.

    Is Commerce Pundit a specialist in email marketing?

    Email is one of the most sophisticated forms of digital marketing. Considering the numerous components of email marketing — creative, deliverability, and content, to name a few – we take great delight in saying that we have a firm grasp on what works in email, while also adhering to other disciplines.

    How long has Commerce Pundit been in business as an email marketing agency?

    It is critical to find the right partnership with a skilled professional. Commerce Pundit is a community of individuals who have decades of experience in email campaigns and have helped consumers purchase via email marketing.

    Is Commerce Pundit going to be able to aid my marketing team? If yes, in what manner?

    Commerce Pundit would be delighted to collaborate with your marketing team. Your marketing team has already spent months, or even years, researching your company’s target demographic, creating Google-friendly content, and working on other digital marketing projects. At Commerce Pundit, we gather all of the critical information necessary to entice prospective clients to enroll in your subscriber list.

    What other services do you provide apart from Email Marketing Service?

    To get the best results with our Email Marketing Services, you can also check out and utilize our other services, such as PPC Services (interlink to service page), SEO Services (interlink to service page) and Social Media Services (interlink to service page) to get you the best ROI.

    We also provide CRO Services (interlink to service page), Magento Development, (interlink to service page) and Shopify Development Services (interlink to service page) if you are looking to start an e-commerce business from scratch.

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