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Why AR is considered Game Changer in the eCommerce Industry

Why AR is considered Game Changer in the eCommerce Industry


When compared to Virtual Reality, Augment Reality is a new participant. However, the success chart of later is much ahead of our former participant. A report unveils that in the first three months of its launch, Pokemon Go generated revenue of $600 million, which was more than the value of entire VR software in the year 2016.

While, Pokemon Go is often argued as ‘not really an AR app’, we can’t sideline the fact that the mobile application marked the dawn of AR technology.

AR predicted to rule 2018

It is anticipated that the AR technology market will grow at a much faster pace than it was expected to. In the year 2016, the AR technology market valued $2.39 Billion and is expected to reach $108 billion by 2021.

Taking things further we have recently witnessed launch of ARKit (Apple) and ARCore (Google). The announcement is just the dawn of the era of Augmented Reality. Besides these, we have also noticed brands coming up with AR integrated apps to enhance user experience and gain special space in the market ahead of their competitors.

Here are some recent updates:

  • New York Times recently launched their AR enabled app to give users an entirely new experience by using 3D images.
  • You might be aware about BBC’s VR apps like The Turning Forest and Easter Rising: Voice of Rebel. On February 9 2018 they shared their plans to launch Civilizations AR app. For the same BBC collaborated with over 30 museums across the UK.
  • Snapchat launched AR integrated Lens studio, which will allow people to build world lenses that will put imaginary objects in photos and videos.
  • Google launched AR stickers on Pixel and Pixel 2 in the second week of December 2017. The cute 3D stickers appear inside the videos and photos that you’ll take using Google’s camera app.
  • Ikea launched AR enabled app which allows end users to preview digital furniture in their physical home.
  • Magic Leap is all set to launch AR goggles in the year 2018.

But wait!! This isn’t all…

The above mentioned list is considered as just the beginning. In the coming days, it is believed that magento eCommerce development and mobile applications will be integrated with AR technology. Here are three reasons to share its growing market and huge expectations in 2018. Let’s start:

  1. Portable AR will walk its way ahead: If we run with the expressions of Satya Nadella, Mark Zuckerberg, and Tim Cook, Pokemon Go can be considered as an early thump of the accompanying AR examples of overcoming adversity. Truth be told, Tim Cook has discussed and acknowledged the part of AR in Apple’s future business system. However, starting at now, there are sure confinements, yet it is trusted that soon they’ll be understood. The confinements fundamentally incorporate a ‘Legend’ gadget, portable network ability, throughout the day battery life, and application store biological community. Be that as it may, in the midst of all, the real test is to outperform the issues identified with battery life (impressions can be seen in Apple’s AR glasses). It is trusted that Mobile AR will in fact assume a pivotal part in helping to conquer these progressions and advance in the standard market. The rundown of the whole discussion is simply to feature that coming day can without a doubt bring forth more extensive patterns, with organizations like Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook demonstrating their enthusiasm for AR.
  2. Replacement cycles: When we discuss cell phone deals, a great number of nations have touched the purpose of immersion. It has been seen that clients continue changing their cell phones now and again (regardless of whether required or not), nonetheless, brands like Google and Apple are worried about the expanding hole between this substitution cycle. While already on a normal, a client used to change his/her cell phone at regular intervals, however the same has now touched the sign of three years. While investigators at Apple have begun seeing the decrease in deals, the part of AR is getting more crucial. AR here is thought to be another pattern which will be served to individuals over the globe. With is as of now accessible completely incorporated tech environment, it won’t be troublesome for them to benefit AR coordinated cell phones to clients with no extra cost. You read that right, the market is near a monstrous interruption.
  3. Past VR: The adventure of VR reality has been moderate paced in examination the desires and forecast made by specialists. While there have been various explanations for the moderate execution, it is trusted that part was because of the additional time devoured by shipments, bringing about the cancelation of requests. Another explanation for its disappointment was the cash required to utilize them. Particularly the HUD (Heads Up Device) like HTC Vive and Occulus required costly ultra-effective work area partner to get to applications and amusements. Presently when we contrast its execution and AR, Pokemon Go in its first quarter over $600 income. Indeed, if this amazements you, you should take note of that the three-month income was more than the valuation of VR showcase in 2016. While numerous cases that the amusement isn’t really an AR application, we can’t deny that it undoubtedly assumed an essential part in changing the innovation and carrying it into the standard market. For the year 2018, you can, with no misgiving hope to have AR applications for ARCore and ARKit.


These were few out of the many reasons that are driving the trend. It is expected that the year 2018 will mark as the dawn a new era for eCommerce industry. To relish the blend of success with this growing trend, it is crucial to upgrade your business strategies keeping in mind the recent industry trends. I hope the information facilitated helps you in learning better. In case there’s any query, please feel free to contact us.

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