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Why Magento is the Best Choice for Your eCommerce Website

Why Magento is the Best Choice for Your eCommerce Website

There’s no secret that there are dozens of tools available to online retailers hoping to create an eCommerce website. Why, then, is Magneto the fastest growing eCommerce platform? What makes this open-source eCommerce solution stand out among its competition?

We could go on for hours about why Magento is your best choice for an eCommerce website. But we’ve narrowed it down to these top 5 reasons why you should choose Magento to help your online business soar to new heights.

1. It’s Open Source

Magneto is an open-source platform, which means it’s absolutely free. But as attractive as the word FREE is, that’s not the only benefit of an open-source solution. Because it’s open source, you have instant access to the burgeoning Magento Community, and you can easily make changes to the code to adapt Magento to your specific needs.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more supportive and helpful community support system in place than what you’ll have access to with Magento’s community of developers and users.

This community is constantly at work, designing new (and free) extensions that add to the functionality and customization of your site. Magento Connect is a database of these free (and some paid) extensions that catapult your eCommerce site into an online shopping experience like none other.

2. It plays nice with others

Unlike other platforms on the market, Magento has no problem with the notion of community. As such, developers are constantly looking to improve Magento’s integration capabilities. It remains one of the friendliest platforms to integrate with third-party web applications, meaning you won’t have to make any compromises when you build on Magento.

Its versatility also offers simplified migration. The idea of having to move products and customers from one platform to another is enough to keep most retailers from ever upgrading their eCommerce solution. Magento understands this, which is why they’ve made it extremely simple to migrate all of your data without fear of downtime or loss of data.

3. SEO, User & Mobile friendly

What good is your website if it can’t be found online? And if it is found, how effective is your site if users can’t navigate it with ease? That’s why Magento focuses on enhancing the SEO and user experience. All URLs are search-engine friendly, and Magento builds a sitemap that it delivers directly to Google. Magento also ensures that your site architecture is fluid and easy to follow, so that your users always know how to find exactly what they’re looking for.

With more and more users relying on mobile devices to shop and convert, Google has recently announced it will reward mobile sites that are optimized for the user. Magento users needs not worry, because Magento’s most recent update comes with mobile-friendly designs for eCommerce sites.

4. Reach a Global Audience with Ease

Magento has a built-in multi-store and multi-language capability that gives you the flexibility to create different stores, each with their own language. This means you have the power to reach and connect to your potential customers in their preferred language, thus improving your chances of a conversion and long-term loyalty.

5. Flexible Payment and Shipping

When it comes to eCommerce website development, many solutions focus much of their efforts on the bells and whistles, but overlook the most important aspect: the conversion process. It’s vital that your eCommerce site have flexible and user-friendly payment and shipping methods, so that your users instinctively know what to do when they’re ready to buy. Magento offers built-in PayPal and Authorize Payment features, as well as UPS and FedEx shipping.

Magento – the eCommerce solution that grows with you

Right out of the box, Magento is a solid solution sure to meet the needs of any online retailer. The platform’s backend is solidly built, and gives admins the power to manage nearly every aspect of their site, if they choose to.

But it’s also extremely easy to upgrade Magento versions . This scalability is among the most attractive features of the eCommerce platform. When you move your store to Magento, you know you have a free solution that will grow with you as your business – and technology – evolves.

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