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The Benefits of Using HTML Based Online Design Software

The Benefits of Using HTML Based Online Design Software

While HTML has been around since the dawn of the internet, HTML5 was only finalized in 2014. It was in use for about five years before then, though, and many people have updated their websites to make use of everything HTML5 has to offer. One reason HTML5 is currently being used for a number of different applications is that it’s very flexible. It can be used to create responsive websites and apps that are platform-independent, unlike some other web applications. This is why we’ve used HTML5 to create our online design software.

Advantages of Our Design Software

There are a number of advantages to using our online design software. Here are a few of the features that make these apps so easy and fun to use.

  • Add text – You can add any text you like in a number of different fonts. We offer a large selection of font families, plus you can add color, gradients, and add bold, underline, and italics.
  • Upload your own artwork – It’s easy to upload any image done in one of the standard formats, plus we also offer a large number of public use clip art images for use. Files can be uploaded at .JPG, .PNG, .TIF, and several other formats, and a progress bar lets you know when your files are ready for use.
  • Modify clip art – If you want to use one of our free clip art images, you can modify it using our online editing tools. All of our clip art are vector images, which means you can make them larger without losing any of the quality.
  • Templates – Not sure what you want on your shirt? Browse through our thousands of different templates and, once you find one you like, modify it to fit your needs.
  • Vector output –You can output all of our designs in vector formatting to use when printing large products such as banners. This insures even the largest prints will look great.

These are just a few of the reasons why our HTML5 design products are great for any eCommerce needs.

Our HTML5 Design Software

Our new HTML tools are aimed at eCommerce websites that want to create their own products. We created our first HTML5 application, a T-shirt designer, in 2014. When it launched last year as our first HTML5 product, our clients loved it. It was more than just a basic T-shirt designer: it offers many different features that other design software didn’t, plus because it was coded in HTML5, it could be used on any operating system and with any web browser without any additional apps or modifications. Users could quickly create or change designs without worrying about compatibility issues, which is something no business owner should ever have to worry about.

Following the success of our T-shirt designer and the demand for similar tools, we used HMTL5 to create, design tools for signs, banners, headphones, and a number of other marketing materials. All of these design tools are used online, which means they can be accessed from any computer as long as it has an internet connection. This gives users the additional benefit of having no software to install and always being able to access their designs no matter where they are.

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