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Reach Your Audience On Every Device With Magento Responsive Design

Reach Your Audience On Every Device With Magento Responsive Design

The goal of any eCommerce site is to help retailers reach their audiences and provide potential customers with a user-friendly way to make a conversion. But over the last few years, creating user-friendly sites has been a challenge, thanks to the ever-growing dependency on mobile shopping.

On one hand, mobile shopping (via tablets and smartphones) is a blessing for eCommerce retailers – your customers can literally shop wherever they are, but from a design standpoint it can be a nightmare. The various screen sizes users are now viewing your store on has made it more difficult to create a user-friendly experience across the board.

Until now.

Introducing Magento’s unmatched responsive design

Most eCommerce retailers already know how effective Magento is as the platform for their online store. Magento helps you build your audience, market your products, and rank high on search engines, all while enjoying a high return on investment. Now, with the latest Magento version, you can enjoy the benefits of responsive web design too.

What is responsive design?

When mobile devices first came out, developers would create a second, separate mobile site that was optimized for smaller screens. But having two different sites is not only difficult and time-consuming to manage; it also wreaks havoc on your SEO strategies.

Responsive design simplifies the process, allowing you to have one eCommerce site that automatically (and magically) adapts to every single screen size. Whether your audience reaches you from their desktop or iPhone, your site will be optimized to help them search your products and make a purchase.

The benefits of responsive design with Magento

When responsive first came out a few years ago, eCommerce clients had to wait even longer to launch their site, while developers ensured their site was optimized for all screens.

But these days, you can get a tablet and smartphone-friendly responsive site in about half the time that it took before. This allows you to spend more time marketing your products and freeing up resources for other projects. Here are other benefits to a responsive design by Magento:

  • A responsive eCommerce site helps you to participate in the fast growing mobile commercial space and allows you to reach and engage with mobile audiences
  • Responsive sites are much easier (and less costly) to maintain, when compared to building multiple mobile sites
  • Magento’s responsive design offers SEO benefits by using Google’s preferred approach to mobile optimization
  • By offering an excellent user experience, your online store will enjoy increased sales and conversion rates
  • Responsive websites adapt to any and every screen size, meaning they’re supported by iOS, Android, Windows and all other mobile platforms


With each passing year, the trend is clear: people are trusting in mobile shopping more and more. Increase your conversions with these mobile shoppers by ensuring your website is designed for their small screens. Our Magento responsive web design services make it happen.

At Commerce Pundit, we don’t just design for mobile devices – we build fully responsive Magento themes that represent your brand on any device from desktop screens to iPads, iPhones and more. Have a look at our Magento design portfolio to see how we’ve helped others reach their audiences like never before.

Ready to create a new store design or improve your current one?

Commerce Pundit incorporates the latest technologies coupled with tried and true design practices to provide our clients with a comprehensive solution for their eCommerce store. Our sites not only look good; they do the job of encouraging conversions and increasing your ROI.

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