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Why you need a mobile-friendly eCommerce website for your store

Why you need a mobile-friendly eCommerce website for your store

Different reports claim the eCommerce market as the fastest growing economy today. Retailers all across the globe are ensuring that they have a flawless web presence. According to a report, 51% US citizens prefer shopping online. The same report also shares that out of the Americans who have internet connectivity, 96% have made online shopping at least once.

But wait!! Did you know?

The market is undoubtedly huge and more and more retailers are participating in the race. The massive inclination has given rise to tremendous competition. Online store owners leave no stone unturned to attract and engage their target audience. However, in recent months it has been noticed that people are buying more through their smartphones. In fact, according to a report, 4 out of 5 shops from their smartphones.

You need an upgrade

Now that the users like to make a purchase through smartphones, it has become an invincible need for the online retailers to give them desktop/laptop like shopping experience on mobile also. To accomplish this with perfection you need a mobile-friendly eCommerce website.

Well, this isn’t the only benefit that you get, here are some more benefits of choosing a mobile-friendly eCommerce website development for your online store:

  1. Wider market: According to a report, more than half of the eCommerce traffic comes from mobile devices. Looking at this growth rate, it is presumed that in the coming years, this will completely overtake the desktop/laptop user market. Evaluating the entire scenario, it has become a must for you to have a mobile-friendly online store. By having this, you can reach a wider audience which will eventually increase your conversion rate and sales.

  2. They are responsive: People do not have much time these days. They need a faster experience and you can deliver this with the help of a mobile-friendly online store. The reason behind is that most of the users prefer surfing the web through their smartphones. Hence, having a mobile-friendly website becomes a very crucial element to have the attention of your audience. While a normal website takes time to load on a smartphone, a mobile-friendly website loads quickly and avails better experience.

  3. Increased average time: When it’s about marking successful presence online, it’s about how much time your visitors are spending on your website. You need to ensure engaging your customers for a longer duration. This can be done if you make navigation easy and faster. Also, you need to take good care of the designing part and content creation. You need to optimize the same to serve seamless experience irrespective of the device users are visiting your eCommerce store from. If done flawlessly, this will eventually help you increase your conversion rate.

  4. Improved SEO: We all are dependent on Google when it’s about Search Engine Optimization. No one really can crack the exact protocol it follows. However, Google indeed shared that a responsive web design has larger chances of being in the top of the list. The logic behind looks pretty simple; Google loves the websites that provide friendly experience.

  5. Competitive advantage: The last but most important when it’s about surviving in the web market. A mobile-friendly eCommerce store adorns you with a chance to stand ahead of your competitors. You’ll have more chances of ranking well in search engines, more visitors, and through content engagement and responsive design, you’d be able to earn their loyalty. Once you successfully get that, you’ll be able to surpass the market competition and earn a competitive advantage over your competitors.


Before signing off, we would just say that having a mobile-friendly website has become an invincible requirement to earn more customers and increase your sales. According to a report, if your online tore earns $100,000 a month, a 1-second delay in loading the page can cost you 2.5 million loss in a year. Yes, that indeed sounds hefty. Contact our experts today learn more about how you can have a mobile-friendly eCommerce store without investing much of time and money.

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