January 21, 2021 Marketplace

Now Offering Identity Creation & Graphic Design

Now Offering Identity Creation & Graphic Design

Marketing your business in today’s world takes more than placing an ad in a newspaper or handing out business cards. To be successful as a 21st century business, you have to think and act like a 21st century customer. This goes beyond just having a phenomenal and user-friendly website, it means a strong, consistent identity and branding to help you better connect with your customer base.

Achieving all of this can be extremely time consuming, challenging, and incorporate the expertise of several agencies. But at Commerce Pundit, our mission is to make this process easier for our clients, which is why we’re pleased to announce we now offer identity creation and graphic design services in addition to the many other services we provide to help you and your business.

Our Atlanta graphic design team works seamlessly with our other departments to offer clients a one-stop shop for all of their business needs.

Commerce Pundit is now positioned to be the only agency you ever have to work with, from creating a brand, to launching a website, marketing your site, and creating ongoing campaigns and strategies to grow and strengthen your brand.


When working with Commerce Pundit, you only have to manage one relationship, with one agency, rather than juggle the various tasks, personalities, and effectiveness of several agencies or freelancers. By keeping the process under one roof, not only does this mean less headaches and stress for you, but it also means a streamlined approach to any project, from start to finish.

From print to web and everything in between, Commerce Pundit has the solution for you.


Your brand is the face and name of your company that customers connect to. It is found on your website, on social networks, within the emails you send, and in any printed materials or handouts. Beyond just a logo or color choice, your corporate identity has a voice. When you work with more than one agency to push your brand, you increase your chances of suffering from an inconsistent message.

At Commerce Pundit, our team works closely with you to provide you a consistent message that helps to establish a stronger, more memorable image of your business. Our Atlanta-based graphic design team collaborates with our marketing and web development teams to ensure your branding and image remains consistent on all fronts.


Many businesses solicit the help of various freelancers to build websites, boost their SEO, or create designed marketing materials. But freelancers are often inconsistent with their quality of work or delivery time, not to mention they may have limitations when it comes to what they can actually deliver. And by hiring several freelancers, you’re adding to your workload by having to micromanage.

At Commerce Pundit, we’re a team of creatives working for you. We’re not freelancers. We’re not an agency that can only handle one specialized task. We’re you’re complete solution, from start to finish. And unlike freelancers, we’re committed to your long-term and ongoing success. We don’t just want to provide you a one-time solution. We’re committed to becoming a trusted partner and support resource while you grow and expand your business.


There is no obstacle, problem, or challenge we have not tackled. By creating a team of specialists from all aspects of design, development and marketing, we offer you the experience and expertise necessary to get the job done right. From identity and branding creation, to signage, product development, trade shows, displays, product catalogs, and so much more, the Commerce Pundit team can handle even the most unique business needs.


Our graphic design team has an established relationship with printers and other outside service providers, meaning we can guarantee that you will receive a quality print at a highly competitive price. However, we can also work with printers you may already have a relationship with. We’ll use their templates while creating your materials, to ensure the final product is as outstanding as you expect it to be.


Your needs will grow and evolve over time. As a one-stop shop, we want to help you along this journey. From determining how best to launch your site, to creating ongoing marketing materials or providing SEO support, Commerce Pundit will be a committed member of your team. Our diverse staff of creative professionals, while varied in their expertise, are united in one goal: to help your business succeed today, tomorrow, and for many years.

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