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Strategies to Making the Most Out of New Year Marketing

Strategies to Making the Most Out of New Year Marketing

Christmas may be the time of year when marketing kicks into high gear, but New Year’s is just as important. People are looking to celebrate to reflect on the past year as they look ahead to the new one, and herein lies the perfect opportunity for your company to lead your audience into the new year. Through effective digital marketing services, product launches, and promotions, you can keep the holiday hype going well into the new year, and you might just pick up a few new customers along the way. In this blog we’ll go over what to do to make your marketing strategy the best it can be.

Look for Engagement Opportunities

Continuing to engage with your customers is incredibly important this time of year. People may feel fatigued after all the Christmas marketing, so it’s crucial that you get creative with how you reach your audience. You can accomplish this in a few ways:

Social Media Campaigns

Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean you stop engaging with your customers. In fact, after Christmas is a prime time to keep engagement up because that’s when spending goes down. The key is to find creative ways to keep people interested through social media marketing. Many companies run social media contests to keep engagement up on their pages, such as inspirational quote contests. Not only does this help with engagement, but it also provides your page with new content. Turn a few select quotes into posts on your page and let users vote on their favorites.

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New Year’s Posts

Speaking of social media, posting around New Year’s goes a long way towards keeping your engagement up. Even just a simple Happy New Year post can get people interested. But your focus this time of year should be promotion. If you’re preparing to launch new products in the new year, promoting them during December will help your audience get excited. Having a giveaway is also helpful. You’ll gain valuable user data, and your engagement will stay up after Christmas.

Reflection and Customer Reviews

As much as New Year’s is focused on personal self-reflection, it can also be a time to reflect on your company. “Year in review” campaigns can help show customers how much they engaged with your brand over the past year. However, to really keep engagement up, you should ask your customers for reviews. You can take these suggestions with you to improve your marketing in 2023 and your overall customer experience. Be sure to offer promotions and deals in return to sweeten the deal and further incentivize engagement.

By focusing on engagement, you can ensure that your customers are interacting with your brand and getting excited about what’s to come.

Show Customers You Care

As a business, keeping your customers happy should be your number one priority. A company that makes its customers happy is one that people are likely to return to. New Year’s is great for increasing customer satisfaction because it’s a great time to reach out. The most effective ways to reach out are:

Holiday Greetings

To truly keep your customers around, you need to make them feel cared for. A brand that caters to its customers is one that people will return to. Sending out holiday greetings is a great way to show customers you care since this will make your company seem like an old friend checking in. Send a Happy New Year message in emails and on social media for maximum effectiveness.

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Showcasing Positivity

 Another way to show customers you care is to create a positive environment on your social media pages. People are often looking to make a change in the new year, and your page can be where they go for inspiration and support. Running positive campaigns around body image will help anyone who’s looking to lose weight since this is a popular resolution. For anyone looking for a change in the new year, share new things for them to try or advise about something your company specializes in.

Keeping your current customers happy ensures they follow your brand into 2023. You also encourage new customers to explore your brand by making them feel good about what you do.

Encourage More Spending

After Christmas, spending tends to die down. People have just spent a lot of money on gifts and may not want to splurge again. However, there are still ways you can encourage customers to spend their money. After all, many people receive money as a gift and may be looking for something to spend it on. To encourage spending, do the following:

Showcase Popular Impulse Buy Products

 An easy way to encourage spending is to encourage impulse buys during returns. Place common impulse buys near where customers make returns or as “suggested products” on your website. These have the potential to grab your customer’s attention and encourage them to make an extra purchase, helping you avoid a post-holiday slump in sales.

Create Special Holiday Deals

Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean people are done looking for deals. A New Year’s sale can help your company clear out old stock and bring in more money, so there are no downsides. If you plan a New Year’s sale, keep it focused on New Year’s and make it sound exciting to your customers. You can offer a promotion like a new calendar to sweeten the deal. Calendars help your brand stay top of mind for your customers because they see it every day. Other promotions like discounts or loyalty points go a long way in encouraging customers to make a purchase. If you don’t already have a loyalty program, now is a prime time to start one. Make it sound exciting in your promotion and you’ll have lots of customers eager to join. For an extra boost, offer extra points for signing up around New Year’s.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your company doesn’t suffer from a dip in sales. Plus, with special holiday deals, you can keep people interested in your brand.

Promotion of New Products

New Year’s is great for product promotion because it gets people excited about what’s new. This is the start of promoting the new products your company will sell in the new year. Follow these tips to get customers interested in new products:

Promote the Product in December

While December is a time to focus on Christmas marketing, it can also be great for hyping up new products. If you’re planning on releasing a new product in the new year, promote it all throughout December with marketing designed to get people excited. You can also create special deals to go along with the new product to encourage people to buy it. If you decide to launch a new product, be sure to focus on why it’ll be helpful in the new year and what makes it special. At this time of year, customers are looking for things that will help them reach their new year goals.

Use Ads

New Year’s is all about the new and exciting possibilities that a new year brings, and you can make this the focal point of your marketing campaign. After all you’re launching a new product that people will be excited to know more about. Social media is great for promotion, but you should also use Google Ads. That way you can bring in people who may not follow your social media.

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By starting product promotion at this time of year, you can ensure that customers will eagerly await what your company has in store for 2023.

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