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Five Ways to Get Positive Customer Reviews Through Surveys [2024 Updated]

Five Ways to Get Positive Customer Reviews Through Surveys [2024 Updated]

With the advent of the online market and its growing popularity, customer satisfaction is no longer just a choice, instead it has become a need. While brands opt for numerous ways to deliver best customer experience to its users, they somehow have to invest a fortune in getting customer reviews.

Why are customer reviews important?

Reviews play a vital role in understanding customer experience, resolving the issues, and to attract and engage prospective buyers. Reviews are in fact one form analytics that gives you the insight into what your customers want from you and your business. The insights help you excavate the answer to ‘WHY’ your customers are responding in a particular manner.

Google loves reviews

This is most important benefit of having customer reviews. Experts have proved that your online brand has more chances of being top on the list if you have more customer reviews. Also, According to a survey report, 72% respondents shared that reviews build their trust towards a brand/product/service.

Struggling to get positive customer reviews?

A recently released survey report shared that while 83% respondents were interested to refer a product/service they used, but only 29% actually did. The figures clearly indicate that despite delivering a better experience it’s the approach and motivation which is missing.?

But we do organize surveys

Organizing survey through emails is considered as the best medium to get a response from your users, and it’s good to listen that you are into it. However, if still, you fail to have a response from your customers/targeted audience, here are five key things you need to keep in mind:

  1. The subject line: People often don’t even open their mails in the mailbox. Yes, you got it right. If somehow you managed to make a place outside the spam box, it’s your subject line which decides whether or not your mail will be opened. To ensure that they open your mail you need to build a catchy subject line. To do this, you need to thoroughly learn about likes and dislikes of your potential or prevailing users/customers. Simultaneously you also need to do sufficient research on their age group, gender, and the geographical location you are targeting.
  2. Give them a reason: The way any entrepreneur looks for returns while planning a strategy or at the time of executing it, users also look for a reason to fill up the survey. Let us accept that be it yours or their, time is one of the most important resources and one spends it smartly. Ensure that you give them a reason to invest their time in filling up your survey report. It can be reward points or a reason compulsive enough to fill the survey.
  3. Setting expectation: It’s been often noticed that user leave a survey in the middle. This primarily happens due to failure in setting expectations. Acknowledge them in the very beginning about how short, better, or long the survey will be. This won’t just increase chances of your survey to be filled, but will also help you gain the trust of your customers.
  4. Keep it short and interactive: In lieu of our last point, we would recommend you to keep your survey as short as possible. To get this done you need to learn about the reasons behind organizing the survey. Once done with this, prepare your questions based on it. The targeted approach will eventually help you prepare a short and interactive survey for your users. Apart from the language and questions, you can also make the survey interactive by offering some kind of incentive.
  5. Don’t delay: Though last on our list, but something you need to take care of. Never delay your survey even by a week, assuming that the user/customer will get the time to have the proper experience. Having said this, we would like to share that a delayed survey can decrease the chances of getting a response. Ensure that you send the survey while the user experience is fresh.


Customer reviews and feedbacks are important not only to improve your web presence but also to attract new customers. The aforementioned ways are few out of many strategies that experts follow in order to fetch customer reviews for a brand. In case you have any query regarding this or how to build your brand’s identity, feel free to contact our team of professionals.

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