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Neon Signs For Everyone Away This Holiday Season – Gift Guide

Neon Signs For Everyone Away This Holiday Season – Gift Guide

The holiday season is here! Are you having a tough time finding the perfect gift for the people in your life? Neon signs are a great, unique gift idea. From the edgy trendsetter to the laid-back peacemaker, there is a unique neon sign for every personality type.

The Empath

A classic “Good Vibes Only” sign is just the thing to get for someone that is all about going with the flow and spreading positivity. Personalize it to the recipient by selecting their favorite color for the LED lights.

A sign like this is a fantastic reminder to focus on the good, no matter what life may throw at you. Whether it is in a cozy reading corner or your bedroom, it adds so much personality to any space! Plus, what better time is there than the holidays to spread joy and good vibes?

The Friend to All

If your friend or tried and true business partner’s love language is words of affirmation, then a sign like this next one is right up their alley. Whether their favorite color is bright yellow or a pretty shade of pink, this trendy “You’re Beautiful” neon sign is a terrific reminder to whomever you gift it to you how beautiful they are, both inside and out.

Pro Tip: Hanging up this lovely sign near a mirror or in an office space to keep this expression close when getting ready for the day or unready before bedtime.

The Zen One

For the calm one in the company, office, or in your group of friends, this “And Breathe” sign is right up their alley. The calming colors and cursive font create a soothing glow in any space it is placed within. No matter if they are stuck in an office or winding down at home, this sign is a visual reminder to take a moment to breathe in times of high stress.

The Workaholic

For the CEO or dedicated worker in your life, a neon sign for their office is a very thoughtful gift. It will add a pop of fun and color to an otherwise corporate environment and can act as a source of inspiration for their next project!

The holiday season is all about showing gratitude and treating the ones closest to us in both work and our personal lives. A neon sign is a one-of-a-kind gift that will tell the person that you put a lot of thought and care into their gift. Would you want a neon sign in your home or office?

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