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How Image Optimization Can Help you Boost your Sales

How Image Optimization Can Help you Boost your Sales


The traditional brick and mortar stores are getting replaced by the online stores at an unprecedented pace. Having an online store is in fact no longer a choice, instead has evolved as a need for business houses.

A recent study shares that by the dusk of 2018, the online spending will reach 8.8% of total spends, which is 1.4% more in comparison to the year 2016. Not only this, a massive inclination has been noticed in mobile shopping. Talking about Black Friday in particular, the year 2017 saw 40% sales coming through mobile alone, which is 10% higher than the preceding year.

The unstoppable online retail industry

Yes, web has indeed become the new place to shop. Needless to mention that the industries across the globe are well acquainted with the trend and are leaving no stone unturned to grab the attention of their target audience. However, amidst the entire race and the hustle, they often sideline certain small yet crucial elements of reaching the target audience.

Attract web buyers for online sales

When we talk about SEO strategies and bringing the brand to top in search engine listings, we find a mixture of success and unsuccessful stories. However, only a few successfully make their way to the results they deserve. Well, we can’t put the blame of this on a single aspect, instead is a result of different ingredients.

Image optimization is one among them

Optimizing images is a standout amongst the most dismissed territories with regards to driving inquiry activity and expanding change rates and deals for any eCommerce site.

As far as SEO is concerned, the vast majority of webpreneurs and marketers consider backlinks, content, and catchphrases of utmost importance while ignoring other intense approaches to upgrade their site. Over that, all the more outwardly engaging, quicker stacking photographs regularly result in higher transformation rates and deals.

You might be amazed to know that a second’s deferral in page stacking time costs Amazon $1.6 billion in income?

Yes, you read that right. Almost $2 billion

Still thinking about how image optimization can help you grow your online retail business. Here are few ways it can help you boost sales:

  1. High-quality images: There is no reason for upgrading low-quality pictures for your eCommerce store and magento development. Regardless of whether they show up in indexed lists, the pictures won’t look outwardly engaging and individuals won’t be propelled to tap on them. Begin with superb pictures that best speak to your items. Ensure you pick ones in light of your intended interest group, as opposed to concentrating on your own inclination.

    Plainly quality pictures have turned into a significant piece of substance system and straightforwardly influence SEO. Pages with brilliant pictures likewise have a tendency to procure more backlinks and have higher change rates.

  2. Maintain originality: The more unique pictures you utilize, the better your client experience will be, and the higher the chances you’ll rank on applicable pursuits. Utilizing stock pictures can be enticing, yet numerous other individuals utilize them, as well. You’ll be contending with them in picture seek, so’s the reason it’s best to utilize unique pictures when conceivable.

    You can have unique pictures either taken in-house with an astounding camera or have planners make the pictures –, for example, infographics and information representations. You can utilize pictures to demonstrate your clients what your organization resembles and to flaunt pictures of your items.

    Actually, numerous clients overlook stock photographs. The utilization of amazing unique photographs will enable you to emerge in indexed lists, so ensure you’re utilizing them to demonstrate your image’s identity. It will attract more individuals to your site.

  3. Use ALT text and captions: Adding inscriptions to your photographs is an enhancement best practice. The inscription will show up, by and large in a dark box, underneath the picture and clarify what you find in the photo. While individuals may not read your article, odds are high that the inscription underneath your picture will be something they read.

    Inscriptions are valuable since it is difficult to see all pictures immediately. Including a subtitle gives a setting to the picture which gives more setting to the web crawlers to comprehend past the ALT content.

    Keep in mind, a few pictures can remain solitary despite the fact that additional esteem can be included with an inscription. Make an effort not to constrain the inscription in the event that you needn’t bother with one. At the point when the picture won’t stack, you’ll get a picture box with the label data appeared in the upper left corner. Ensure the ALT content fits with the picture and makes the photo significant.

    Adding ALT labels to your pictures can enable your site to rank better by partner catchphrases with those pictures. Google has made remarks about the estimation of alt message on pictures. They say it furnishes them with valuable data about the topic of the photograph. The data is then used to decide the best picture to return for a client’s pursuit question.

    The Americans with Disabilities Act requires alt content for people who can’t see the pictures themselves before the site can be viewed as 508 consistent. An elucidating alt content can tell clients precisely what’s in the photograph. You can look at the SEO Inc WCAG Services we give here.

  4. Use OpenGraph and Twitter Card Tags: By using following code in theof the website, you can control your image everytime your content gets shared on social media channels. Here’s the code;

    Ensure using original images for your social media channels, the reason being that it has been often noticed that pictures lose their quality when posted on social media. Hence using a low-quality image will further impact your photographs negatively.

  5. Using keywords dipped descriptive file names: Make and distribute a picture site guide to indicate where the greater part of your pictures are, in a solitary area. This enables Google and other web crawlers to find the pictures on your webpage all the more effective. This expands the odds that your pictures will be shown in the picture query items. Through a picture sitemap, you can caution Google to pictures you transfer through JavaScript that crawlers might not have found, or particularly get out the pictures you need to be creeping.

    Google says you can make a spic and span sitemap exclusively for pictures or you can add the data to your current sitemap. On the off chance that you are utilizing WordPress, you can utilize the module Google XML Sitemap for Images to consequently make the sitemap for pictures that have been transferred to your WordPress media library.


To rank your web portal on search engines, there are numerous strategies that you need to keep in mind. These were few important things you need to keep in mind while trying to optimize your images for search engines. In case there’s any query in your mind, feel free to contact our expert team who have expertise in handling and executing such operations.

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