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Go Pro With Responsive

Go Pro With Responsive

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Commerce Pundit Chronicle Issue 5, August 2017
Go Pro With Responsive
august new img
Statistics of a recent study suggest that around 57.7 % small and medium sized businesses plan to have a new website or intend to improve the existing. Yes, the figures clearly indicate the vote of the majority.
After diving into details we found that the reason behind this massive dissatisfaction is low conversion rates of paid marketing efforts. According to reports, only 22% businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates. And with every passing year figures are deteriorating but coming to a conclusion isn’t easy.
The core reason
After several rounds of research and studies, our team found a major cause behind this quest; ‘ The Web Design’. With constantly changing technologies, user behavior and expectations have become highly dynamic in nature. Today your website visitors want to have everything without spending much time. Not only this, they need an equivalent response while using your website on smartphones, tablets and laptops/desktop.


of a Responsive Web Design

Earn Loyalty

By giving your users a website which promptly responds irrespective of the device it is being used on, you can earn their loyalty.

The bridge connecting good and great SEO

If your website has a responsive web design, Google will Index it in its top list, no matter what the user is searching for.

Ease in maintenance

You no longer need different websites for mobile and desktop. Single website means fewer efforts in maintenance.

Save money

You don’t need to develop and maintain two different websites; which will eventually save your hard earned money that you can invest into other important tasks.

Increased traffic

Once your responsive website gets top position in Search Engines such as Google; it will eventually gain more traffic.

More conversions

Once the users are visiting and relishing a friendly experience that will help you gain their loyalty. You have more chances of increasing conversion rate.

Market like a pro

As you are dealing with just one website, you can invest more time and money to grow your business online.

Stand ahead in competition

The aforementioned points will together help you stay ahead in the competition.

Sounds interesting!! Do you think so??

Assisting you in growing your business by making you acquainted with the trends in the market and serving you with the required ingredients have been our primary target. Let us know in case you have any queries.

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