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The Benefits of Magento and eBay Integration With M2E Pro

The Benefits of Magento and eBay Integration With M2E Pro

Beyond the out-of-the-box capabilities of Magento exists this ability to integrate extensions that supercharge your eCommerce site. One such extension that’s vital to every online retailer is M2E Pro. M2E Pro is a Magento-based extension that gives you the power to easily integrate your Magento-built site to marketplaces including Amazon, eBay and Rakuten.

What this means is that rather than having to log in to each marketplace to manage your inventories and sales, you can take care of it all (including processing orders) in one safe and familiar place: your Magento backend.

Why is this so important? Because it gives online merchants the ability to manage multiple eBay stores from one area, thus making it possible for you to expand your business ventures without adding to your workload or time commitment.

Here are some specific benefits to using M2E Pro with your Magneto-built eCommerce website.

Multichannel Order Management

There are, of course, a host of options for multichannel order management. But M2E Pro is one of the few that avoids the addition of middleware (additional layers to get the job done). Neither does it utilize the cloud, meaning your sensitive data isn’t kept off-site. M2E Pro works natively within the Magento environment as well as the major marketplaces, such as, of course, eBay. This is by far the smoothest and most natural setup for your Magento-based site.

Inventory Management

No matter how many products you sell online, managing your inventory can be time consuming and a burden. The last thing you want is to oversell or under-stock. But with M2E Pro, you don’t have to worry. You can now gain full control over your inventory, across multiple locations, without breaking a sweat. When a product is sold in one location, M2E Pro will stop selling the product in other locations as well, until the item is restocked. It’s inventory management made easy!

Customer Management

As difficult as it is to manage your inventory, managing your customers is equally as challenging. But with M2E Pro, you’ll never struggle to import customer data, including email address, names, contact umbers and more. All of it will transfer into Magento seamlessly. Then, when you’re ready to implement your email marketing campaigns, you can transfer this data to Mail Chimp (or other email marketing solutions). With M2E Pro’s customer management capabilities, you can also notify customers on shipping tracking numbers, if there’s any delay in delivery and more. In the end, your customer satisfaction will increase dramatically.

Google API Shopping

There’s certainly no denying the importance of listing your products with Google Shopping. Businesses that do so enjoy greater sales and increased profits. The Magento team has created a Google API Shopping extension, which will allow you to automatically push your product database to Google’s shopping feed. Combine this with some promotion and you’ll discover that listing on Google Shopping may be your most rewarding venture.

Amazon & eBay Integration

Many online merchants manage more than one Magento store or marketplace account. While managing multiple stores and accounts can be good for business, it can also be far too time consuming. But M2E offers you the level of flexibility that makes it possible to connect all of your marketplace accounts and your Magento web stores to one single data set, which you can manage all from your Magento backend.

Sales Channel Integration

It’s simply remarkable how seamlessly the M2E Pro extension integrates Magento with marketplace sites, like eBay, PLAY.com, Amazon and Rakuten. This Magento integration makes it possible to automate such tasks as stock level synchronization, pricing, and product descriptions. It also allows you to easily import marketplace orders and other tasks quickly and easily. Users of M2E Pro report a drastic reduction in the time required to complete these tasks, including listing maintenance.

eBay Listing

Are you looking to create an eBay store but don’t know where to start? M2E Pro is the tool for you. This extension makes it possible for you to create an eBay store using the data supplied via your Magento store. You can auto-synch product details, prices, and stock levels. In fact, this extension is so powerful that you can integrate data across all 23 eBay market places.

Order Management

Any online merchant can attest to the level of commitment required for order management. This is particularly the case if you process orders from various marketplaces. However, M2E simplifies the process. For each order received on one of your marketplaces, a matching order is created in your Magento system. What this does is allow for any order to be treated like a Magento order, regardless of geography or marketplace origin. In other words, no matter where an order is placed, you’ll be able to manage it all from your Magento backend.

3rd Party Listing Tool Support

There’s a very good chance that you’re already using a tool to list products (or maybe you list products manually). That’s okay, because M2E Pro remarkably supports all manual and 3rd party listings. Your products, that have been listed elsewhere, can be mapped into existing products found in your Magento catalogue. If, however, you have listings that aren’t yet found in your Magento catalogue, M2E Pro will create relevant records whenever an order containing these products is received from the marketplace.

Flexible Pricing

Pricing tends to be a fluid thing. You may trade some of your products (across various marketplaces) at different prices. If you do, M2E Pro can help you define your pricing strategies, based specifically on each marketplace. It’s as simple as applying a relevant rule. M2E Pro will take care of the rest. This includes being able to run promotions hassle-free.

So much power in one extension

Few other Magento extensions offer the robust support and versatility of M2E Pro, which is why it’s one of our most popular extensions. Online merchants push their business ventures to a new level when they integrate M2E Pro into their Magento environment. Learn more about how Magento Development Company Commerce Pundit can help you use M2E Pro to your advantage by contacting us today.

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