Wireframe and Prototyping

What is Wireframing and Prototyping in Website Development?

The process of developing a website wireframe and prototyping are crucial developments in crafting a highly functional and well-designed e-commerce site. Wireframing is the process of developing a flat, basic outline of a webpage or application. Prototyping is an experimental process where design teams take creative ideas and turn them into tangible forms, from paper to digital form.

Wireframing services do not need to be developed for every page; our developers will decide which web pages need this process.

Does Every Web Page Need a Detailed Wireframe?

Wireframing services do not need to be developed for every single page, our developers will work to decide which web pages need this process. Commerce Pundit has a team of experts that follow industry best practices when providing a wireframe design service. By using color sparingly and intentionally, using genuine content and annotations, as well as collaborating with other experts internally, you can trust that your business is safe with us.

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Wireframe and Prototype Design Services

Wireframe Creation

  • Low-Fidelity
  • High-Fidelity

Prototype Development

  • Paper Prototypes
  • Digital Prototypes

Wireframe Creation

Creating a wireframe is the first step in developing new web applications or web pages. There are two avenues to choose from when starting the process. Low-Fidelity is just a simple layout needed for visual purposes; a low-fidelity wireframe is a great direction to go. This type of wireframe provides a skeletal framework, simple visual representation of ideas for various teams in an agency. High-Fidelity is an in-depth, intricate layout. This type includes more elements that will be highlighted in the final product.

Prototype Development

After a wireframe has been completed and approved by the client, a prototype can be developed. Whether paper or digital, this is a key step in application development. A paper prototype is often a hand-drawn sketch used to simulate the function of a webpage or app. The next step beyond a paper prototype is a digital prototype. This is a demo of a new product or application that allows the developer to test the design and ideas that are to be featured in the final product.

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Commerce Pundit performed very well and very quickly. I would recommend them to others.

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    What is the purpose of developing a wireframe?

    A wireframe serves as the skeleton for a webpage or application. It gives writers an outline to follow when writing copy for a page and gives a visual representation of the team’s plan.

    What is the difference between a wireframe mockup and a prototype?

    A wireframe mockup is a simple overview of a design to show where each piece of content will be located. However, a prototype is a detailed layout of the webpage or application, including color and all features present in the finished product.

    Is wireframing classified as part of the UX or UI (User Interface) processes?

    Wireframing falls under the User Experience category rather than User Interface. It is classified as such because the purpose of the wireframe is to ensure the future user has a pleasant experience using the final site or application.

    What are the two types of wireframing used by developers?

    The 2 main types of wireframing are low-fidelity and high-fidelity. A low-fidelity wireframe is a quick sketch that gives designers, developers, and content writers a tangible idea of what is being created. Conversely, a high-fidelity wireframe is a much more detailed creation with specific colors and features that will be highlighted in the finished product.

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