Project Overview

The goal of Sign Shark, a rapidly expanding e-commerce signage and display business, was to make it quick and simple to acquire high-quality goods that are covered by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. The majority of their products come with a one-year graphics warranty and a lifetime hardware warranty.

Their company name, Sign Shark, was chosen because of their expertise in the printing and display industries and their aggressive pricing. They are also committed to assisting their customers in achieving success. Sign Shark’s knowledgeable staff is eager to assist their clients, and that is why their clients have put their trust in them for displays at some of America’s largest trade shows.


The client required an efficient frontend and backend design for their website that organizes and executes transactions safely and accurately. Commerce Pundit offers a system that allows users to place orders without hesitation.

UX Strategy

We have created an easy-to-use front end to allow users to select from numerous products and different categories such as tents, flags, banners etc. We also included a buyer panel in the user interface where the customer can manage their information and track purchases with payment and shipping details.


Key challenges which we have faced & The Result that we get

  • Flexible Payment Mode: The client wanted the option to split their transactions through a card and buy now pay later depending on the order amount.

    We provided an extension that made it possible for customers to split their payment into both card and EMI.

  • Switched To Cloudflare: The brand’s current website was performing poorly thanks to slow loading times and other issues.

    Our Commerce Pundit team switched them to Cloudflare, whose strong network shields their website from online dangers including DDoS attacks, hacking, and content scraping. On a Cloudflare website, the static material is automatically cached on one of its 34 data centers around the world that are close to its visitors. With Cloudflare installed, their website loads quicker and provides users with a smooth experience. This introduction also offers cost-effective enterprise-level online speed and security

  • Customized Tents Feature: It was challenging for the brand to offer a standardized tent size for all customers.

    We’re excited to unveil an unprecedented online feature that lets users create bespoke custom tents in a matter of minutes. People can easily place a customized order by going to the Sign Shark website. Because we removed the need to visit various places, we have assisted thousands of consumers in finding their ideal fit and ultimately getting the right size tent.

  • Optimized Website Performance: The brand realized that their large catalogue with 7+ segments was causing the website to load slower.

    Commerce Pundit eliminated an unneeded database using in-memory computing and caching. In order to reduce the amount of data needed to load a page, the team changed the dimensions of the images.

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