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Where Do Other Agencies Fall Short of Reputation Management?

Online reputation management is the process of controlling the online narrative of a person, company, or brand, making it a critical part of running a successful business. There are many errors that occur when the wrong reputation management agency is chosen.

Some of the most common mistakes that occur include the following: not closely checking website reviews, not improving upon negative reviews, not regularly updating profile information, not replying to comments on social media posts, as well as not having a social media presence.

These mistakes could be detrimental to your business because they align so closely with your brand. Plus, it only takes 7 seconds for a consumer to craft an opinion on your business, based on your online presence. Furthermore, 88% of consumers perform online research before making a purchase, so it is important that your brand is represented well.

How Does Commerce Pundit Do It Better?

Commerce Pundit is a step above the rest because our team goes beyond the digital reputation management department. We engage on social channels, reply to comments and questions, ask for feedback from the audience, reply to negative reviews, and create a company profile for reviews specifically on platforms such as Google My Business. These critical steps allow the Commerce Pundit team to avoid any major pitfalls and supply an elevated level of customer service. In fact, great customer service wins over about 86% of consumers, even those who may have left a negative review originally.

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Reputation Management Services

Our team provides businesses with several services including but not limited to online reputation repair and social media management. Executives believe a brand’s reputation handles approximately 63% of a business’s market value, making the following services even more vital.

Brand Audit

The first step our team will take is to perform a brand audit. This will ensure that branding is consistent across platforms and will decide what steps need to be taken on brand reputation management.

Consistency is one of the most important parts of this process because it can improve and raise revenue by up to 20%. From the color palette to imagery and content, every aspect of the brand will be held under a microscope so that changes and improvements can be made for the best performance.

Social Media Management

Like branding is effective social media use, which when done right, can boost sales by about 32%. Social media strategy, trends, content creation, and best practices will be considered and a proposal that is customized to your business needs will be created by our team.

The posting schedule, type of content posted, and even the social media platforms your business is or should be on will all be included in this proposal.

Business Review Management

Arguably the most critical part of the entire process is business review management. 8 in 10 consumers only trust brands with 4- or 5-stars reviews, therefore someone needs to keep a close eye on any reviews sent for your brand. If a review comes in under 4 stars, then a professional and prompt response needs to be sent out to that customer. This way, the consumer feels heard and there is a higher chance of repairing that customer relationship.

The Commerce Pundit team will set up a Google My Business profile for your business and check your rating as well as the latest reviews that are written. You don’t need a dedicated ORM company, you just need a talented, hardworking group of people who genuinely care about their clients and the success of their businesses.

Our Testimonials

Yes, we are satisfied. Sometimes, we give them a lot of work and change the direction a lot. They adapt to it very well, and they do things as quickly as possible.

Marci Decker GM, Lily Ann Cabinets

It was not just my vision and implementation, but they actually participated in creating a vision and the goals for the company. I am definitely very satisfied.

Nishant Shah CEO, Banner Buzz

Commerce Pundit performed very well and very quickly. I would recommend them to others.

Jainam Shah CEO, Canvas Champ

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    What is online reputation monitoring?

    Online reputation monitoring is the process of keeping track and controlling a brand’s online presence. This is a key part of maintaining a successful business.

    Why is online reputation management important?

    Online reputation management is important because most consumers find new businesses online. Furthermore, online reviews are a critical factor in whether a consumer will purchase from your company or not. If your business has a good rating on Google, for example, then new consumers are more likely to become your customer.

    What affects online reputation?

    A business’s online reputation can be affected by several things. Customer reviews, social media profiles, content posted, and overall branding can all attribute to the online reputation of a company.

    What are examples of reputation risk?

    Reputation risk is something that may impact the online reputation of a company. Examples of this include negative customer reviews, inconsistent branding across platforms, and low-quality content shared on social media or websites.

    How can online reputation be improved?

    A company’s online reputation can be improved in a few ways. From replying to negative reviews in attempts to repair that customer relationship to posting high-quality content consistently, there are numerous strategies that can be utilized to boost brand reputation.

    What are the 3 phases of reputation management?

    There are 3 main phases of the reputation management process. The 3 phases are building, maintaining, and repairing. The building phase is when you are launching a new business and building that reputation online. The maintenance phase involves replying to reviews and social media comments, providing good customer service, and sharing high-quality content. Lastly, the repairing phase is when a business has a negative online reputation and the steps taken to recover a positive reputation online.

    What are reputation management tools?

    There is a plethora of online reputation management tools that a business can use to monitor and improve its brand reputation. Some of those tools are Google Alerts, Brandwatch, and Brand24. However, if you want outside assistance, hiring an online reputation management company is a better choice to make.

    Who is responsible for reputation management?

    The responsibility of online reputation management for a company is typically placed on the Chief Coordinating Officer of the company. However, if that person has hired an individual or business to take care of it, then the responsibility now lies with them.

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