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Why Most Online Marketplace Managing Agencies Fail?

The term “marketplace” is frequently used interchangeably with “real” marketplaces, drop-shipping, and even shop-in-shop models in online business. However, the specific decision about how you inevitably want to design your marketplace business is a critical foundation for legal and procedural matters.

Another notable oversight observed is that marketplace owners are failing to hire dedicated professionals to perform analysis tasks. While anyone can conduct primary research, an expert will bring to the table unique findings, market data, and project insights. Occasionally, professionals are hired for the job, but their recommendations are ignored due to cost and budgetary constraints.

If you discover later in the project that you have made the wrong decision, and are now wandering in the opposite direction, correcting the error will devour countless hours, effort, and money.

Why Choose Commerce Pundit As A Marketplace Management Agency?

Whether you are a well-established industry titan or a budding company, you cannot downplay the power of marketplace positioning when selling your product.

Commerce Pundit expands your reach and enables you to make the most of multiple marketplaces.

With us on your side, you gain total control over your products and integrate them effortlessly across multiple channels without relying on IT. In addition, you can conduct extensive tests to determine what works and what doesn’t, while seamlessly managing orders and stock from a single platform.

We specialize in providing solutions for e-commerce marketplaces and online selling. Our experts provide exceptional service to clients and increase sales on various e-commerce marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Best Buy, Newegg Business, Walmart and many more!


Marketplace Management Services

Amazon Marketplace Management

We leverage our extensive E-commerce experience to offer end-to-end Amazon marketplace management services. We handle account creation and product listings, documenting, brand content development, and merchandise optimization. Our service strategy provides you with the complete integration you require at every step along the way to manage and update your Amazon product listing, Fulfillment by Amazon and content successfully.

eBay Marketplace Management

Getting to know the ins and outs of eBay is a full-time commitment. However, our brand managers stay current with the latest changes and industry standards on the eBay marketplace to maximize sales. In addition, our managers analyze your possibility across eBay and international markets to assist you in succeeding wherever you want to sell.

Etsy Marketplace Management

Our team of e-commerce professionals, content and SEO specialists, graphic designers, and project managers are dedicated to providing unbeatable Etsy marketplace management services. We optimize listings for revenue, boost ranking, and brand identification. Moreover, we ensure the operation and sustainability of your e-commerce business by streamlining processes and managing your marketplace store effectively.

Walmart Marketplace Management

We manage every facet of your Walmart marketplace management while strictly adhering to Walmart guidelines by incorporating the best industry standards, a comprehensive approach, and advanced features. Our comprehensive Walmart marketplace management services are designed to assist our clients in expanding their market reach, increasing their visibility, and sales. In addition, we are proficient at providing any assistance necessary to ensure the success of your Walmart store.

Best Buy Marketplace Management

Do you prefer Best Buy as your ideal marketplace? We’ve got you covered. Our team of marketplace managers can help you direct your business on Best Buy, which is a house of huge technological assortment. Make your hold stronger on the consumer electronics marketplace with our best experts on Best Buy marketplace management.

Newegg Business Marketplace Management

Newegg’s marketplace has become bigger than ever. Since it targets consumers in over 20 countries, you should use the best to help you manage your Newegg’s marketplace account. Commerce Pundit has specialized Newegg experts to manage your listings, Newegg Seller Ratings, and inventory. Expand your opportunities with Commerce Pundit on Newegg Business.

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    How much do you charge for PPC services?

    We do not have a fixed rate for our PPC services. Depending on the requirements, objectives, and goals, we give you a customized estimate. We usually charge about 4% of your advertising budget

    Do you charge based on a percentage or fixed cost?

    We charge a percentage of your paid spend budget or advertising budget.

    What is the minimum budget you need from us to get the pay-per-click ads running?

    There is no minimum or maximum budget to get PPC ads running.

    What minimum ROI do you commit?

    We aim for 4x ROI for all of our clients.

    Do you offer full reporting with your PPC services?

    We offer standard daily reports that give our clients a 360-degree understanding of each campaign. The reports are customized to meet your needs, whether you are just looking for highlights or want to see all the details.

    We want you to understand where your money is being spent and how much ROI you are receiving.

    Where can you advertise with PPC ads?

    PPC ads are displayed on Search Engine Results Pages, SERPs, and social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, or YouTube.

    Do people really click on online PPC ads?

    Yes! PPC ads are shown to people who are likely ready to make a purchase, and you can earn more from PPC ads than organic visitors directly visiting your website.

    How much does a PPC ad campaign cost?

    The cost of each PPC ad campaign varies by business, strategy, and industry but can average from $5000 to $10,000 per month for small-to-midsize e-commerce companies.

    Why advertise with pay-per-click ads?

    Pay-per-click advertising has many benefits, including:

    • Custom budgeting for campaigns
    • Goal selection such as brand awareness or conversions
    • Practical targeting options which are otherwise unavailable in traditional advertising
    • Insightful audience data

    If you want to compete for the best position against your top competitors, CommercePundit can help you accomplish those goals with PPC management services.

    What businesses can advertise online?

    Any business can use PPC services from franchises to restaurants, insurance agencies, e-commerce stores, dentists, and more.

    How often should I check my PPC campaigns?

    For best results, Commerce Pundit PPC experts suggest weekly ad campaign check-ins and daily monitoring for brand-new campaigns

    Does pay-per-click really work?

    You need to understand what kind of website you have to help you know whether pay-per-click advertising will work for you. For instance, if you are an e-commerce website, you’ve better chances of getting excellent results from PPC campaigns. If you are uncertain about your sector’s growth over the internet, connect with PPC experts from Commerce Pundit to help you figure out the best PPC services.

    Are there any types of PPC ads I can choose from?

    There are at least eight types of PPC ads: search ads, display ads, remarketing ads, video ads, shopping ads, paid social ads, Gmail sponsored ads, and Amazon advertising. Visitors from PPC ads like these are likely to convert more than organic visitors. If you need help getting your PPC ads running, connect with our PPC strategist to get a PPC roadmap in 24-48 hours.

    Where do PPC ads appear?

    PPC ads mostly appear on search result pages of search engines like Bing or Google. Many advertisers also find an opportunity to place their product/service on major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, targeting a specific keyword or behavior.

    Is Google Ads PPC?

    Yes, Google ads are the most popular pay-per-click advertising solution that Google offers.

    Are Bing Ads effective?

    Bing Ads are effective because they reach more than 65 million people searching on Microsoft Bing search engine rather than Google. Bing allows you to reach a wider audience as compared to Google AdWords and produce even better results.

    Are Bing Ads and Google Ads free?

    Bing Ads and Google Ads are not free. However, both services provide free promotional coupons if you are a first-time advertiser. Coupon amounts can vary based on currency and even country.

    How do Facebook ads make money?

    Facebook PPC ads can help you make money through traffic, conversion, engagements, events, offers, and more. Connect with PPC experts from Commerce Pundit to help define your goals for Facebook Ads

    Are Facebook Ads better than Google Ads?

    Facebook Ads and Google Ads target people differently, so they can’t be directly compared to each other. With Google Ads, you can target more about what people are looking for immediately. Meanwhile, Facebook Ads target profiles interested in certain products. For more information on the differences, talk to one of our PPC experts.

    How can I get help with Facebook Ads?

    Keeping up with the Facebook Support for ads process and following up the procedure can be too complex to handle alone. Commerce Pundit PPC experts can help you manage your Facebook Ads and deliver results.

    Why are Instagram Ads so accurate?

    Instagram uses extensive data mining algorithms like Facebook to generate a detailed and precise understanding of user profiles. These algorithms then display your Instagram Ads only to the people at a specific moment on their feeds when they are likely to take action on the Ads.

    Are Instagram Ads worth it?

    Many big brands advertise on Instagram because it delivers results. Even if you’re not a multi-million dollar company, Instagram Ads are important for any visually-appealing product. Instagram Ads look just like a shared post on Insta feed, making them feel less conspicuous and easy to engage!

    How do I use LinkedIn Ads?

    LinkedIn has an all-in-one advertising platform that makes it quick to create Text Ads and sponsored content. Our expert LinkedIn Campaign managers are here to help with your LinkedIn Ads performance since the LinkedIn crowd is a little tougher to crack than Facebook or Instagram.

    What is a good budget for LinkedIn Ads?

    The average click rate from the LinkedIn audience is usually 1%-4% since the crowd is tougher to please than Facebook or Instagram. Depending on your target audience and the click rate you want, your budget should be at least $100-$500 per campaign.

    Are LinkedIn Ads successful?

    LinkedIn Ads may be more expensive than Google, Twitter, and Facebook Ads, but they bring in better quality leads that usually stay loyal longer than any other platform.

    What other services do you provide apart from PPC Service?

    To get the best results with our PPC services, you can also check out and club our other services like SEO (interlink to service page), email marketing (interlink to service page) and social media (interlink to service page) to get you the best ROI.

    We also provide CRO services (interlink to service page), Magento development (interlink to service page), and Shopify development services (interlink to service page) if you are looking to start an e-commerce business from scratch.

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