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How Do Other Companies Fall Short with Kubernetes?

What is Kubernetes? The platform name is Greek in origin. It is a portable, open-source platform for managing workloads and services, that promotes analytical configuration and automation. Kubernetes has been in business for 8 years (launched in June 2014). The platform is widely used, in fact, 96% of organizations are either using or contemplating using Kubernetes. Plus, 70% of IT leaders surveyed say their organizations actively use Kubernetes.

Common mistakes made by Kubernetes development companies while using the platform include the following: limiting types of applications supported, not deploying source code, and simply being used as an orchestration system.

How Does Commerce Pundit Do It Better?

Our team takes Kubernetes consulting incredibly seriously. Commerce Pundit works to ensure that the platform is used to its full potential. From incorporating multiple types of supported applications and properly deploying source code to marketing automation, you can rest assured that we are well-versed in Kubernetes.

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Kubernetes Development Services

This type of platform is key when it comes to web development.There are 251 certified Kubernetes service providers globally that take advantage of everything the platform has to offer.

Service Discovery

This feature allows services to organically discover one another. This eliminates the need for advanced coding of IP addresses or endpoint configuration. Similar sets of pods are drawn together based on labels and attributes.

Secret and Configuration Management

This service is a framework for running resilient distributed systems provided by this service. Confidential information such as passwords and APIs are protected through this service. Rigorous access controls are put into place to do so.

Automated Rollouts and Rollbacks

This program allows for automatic updates to applications, such as the rollout of new features. In addition, if an error occurs, copies can easily be made to fix them.

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Commerce Pundit performed very well and very quickly. I would recommend them to others.

Marci Decker GM, Lily Ann Cabinets

It was not just my vision and implementation, but they actually participated in creating a vision and the goals for the company. I am definitely very satisfied.

Nishant Shah CEO, Banner Buzz

Commerce Pundit performed very well and very quickly. I would recommend them to others.

Jainam Shah CEO, Canvas Champ

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    Is Kubernetes coding?

    Kubernetes involves a great amount of source coding but is written in Go. Go is a relatively new form of programming language.

    What is Kubernetes used for?

    Kubernetes is utilized to manage large workloads and services. The program gives you access to all of them in a centralized database. Kubernetes makes it much easier to manage it all.

    Is Kubernetes software or hardware?

    Kubernetes plays a key role in software-developed infrastructure. The platform’s main goal is to make use of all the available benefits and run large and small applications alike.

    Is Kubernetes a DevOps tool?

    Yes, Kubernetes is a DevOps tool, and arguably the most popular one at that.

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