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Where Do Most Agencies Go Wrong with Conversion Rate Optimization?

Many marketing agencies focus all their efforts on getting more eyes on the business’s social media accounts and website. Other agencies push PPC Marketing to the forefront. However, a lot of the time this does not lead to actual conversions but added impressions or website sessions instead.

To successfully optimize conversions, the sales funnel needs to be fully functional and well-designed. If all the resources are put into PPC, then the client will see an increase in the business’ reach but not in overall sales or conversions.

How Does Commerce Pundit Approach It?

Contrary to competitors, at Commerce Pundit, we focus on tangible results. Our conversion rate optimization experts begin the process with a deep dive into the industry, competitors, and the client’s current website and social media presence. Once this is completed, our team uses this information to perfect those profiles and decide what changes are needed to the website to create a smoother consumer experience.

We recommend scheduling a 30-minute call with our experts to discuss more details surrounding ecommerce conversion rate optimization services and discover what truly sets us apart!

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CRO Services for Platforms

Commerce Pundit are experts in conversion rate optimization services. What can you expect if you decide to work with our team?

Website & Platform Audit

Commerce Pundit’s conversion rate experts will take inventory of the client’s ecommerce website and any social media platforms that the business is active on. This audit will include noting which of the current tactics being used should remain and which new strategies will assist in growing the accounts. Every piece of content will be thoroughly read and edited for optimal performance, including landing page conversion optimization of course. Beyond content, web design will also be optimized and catered to business needs.

A/B Testing

Once the audit has been completed, Commerce Pundit, an elite conversion rate optimization agency, can move on to conducting A/B testing. A/B testing is the act of experimenting with two variants, as a form of consumer experience methodology. In both digital marketing and web development, A/B testing is utilized to compare versions of landing pages, CTAs, sales funnels, etc. These experiments allow the development team to determine which version performs better with consumers.

Sales Funnel Optimization

Once a version is selected, the sales funnel can then be optimized. A fully optimized sales funnel will have high rates of acquisition, conversion, and retention of consumers. To do so, there needs to be a deep knowledge of the customer and product. Plus, the audit and A/ B testing will provide the tools needed to create a fully functional sales funnel.

AI Optimization

Customer service is a cornerstone of a successful ecommerce business. AI optimization allows consumers to get assistance 24/7, from answering questions about current promotions to the checkout process or setting up a return. This allows customers to feel heard and supported in real time, even if they’re contacting the business after working hours. AI can be programmed for numerous variables and situations.

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    What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

    CRO is the process of increasing visitors to a website where they take the intended action. The desired actions may include buying a product, hitting ‘add to cart,’ enrolling in service, filling out a form, or clicking on links.

    What are the advantages of CRO services?

    Investing in conversion rate optimization services has many advantages for your business, including the following:

    • Make data-driven decisions for your website.
    • Gain real-time insight into your site’s strengths and weaknesses.
    • Increase the completion rate of contact forms
    • Increase the number of online orders and appointment bookings
    • Reduce the rate of abandoned shopping carts
    • Increase revenue produced by your website
    What is conversion?

    Conversions occur when consumers do the targeted action on your website or through a marketing campaign.

    Among these actions are the following:

    • Purchasing a product;
    • Signing up for a free trial;
    • Adding an item to their shopping cart;
    • Completing a feedback form;
    • Clicking a link;
    • Downloading a piece of content;
    • Subscribing to a service;
    • Subscribing to your newsletter.
    What are the best practices for conversion rate optimization?

    Critical conversion rate optimization recommended practices include the following:

    • Assuring that tests are correctly configured
    • Ascertaining if your test runs for a sufficient amount of time
    • Verifying the reliability of your test results
    What are CRO ‘Points’?

    CRO ‘Points’ helps you manage your investment in activities that balance the potential impact of the changes and the time required to implement them. Each CRO program comes with a specified budget of ‘Points’ to allocate to your website’s advantage.

    What are the six factors of CRO?

    A marketer will come across six significant factors that you can optimize during the CRO process.

    • Call-To-Action
    • Forms
    • Landing Page Design
    • Navigation and Site Structure
    • Page Speed
    • Website Copy
    What is a ‘heat map’?

    A heat map is a colored overlay on top of a visual dataset that illustrates how many site visitors use and interact with a website. Heat maps can assist in identifying behavioral trends and browser difficulties. In addition, heat maps are frequently used in CRO programs to provide insight into potential modifications or improvements.

    What does a conversion mean in marketing?

    A conversion is a response made by visitors, subscribers, or customers to your call to action in marketing. While businesses track various acts as conversions, the phrase is likely to encompass everything that brings individuals closer to becoming clients.

    Who is conversion rate helpful optimization for?

    The conversion rate benefits organizations of all shapes and sizes, regardless of their industry. Additionally, commercial use examples demonstrate how prevalent conversion rate optimization services are.

    The following are some compelling businesses:

    • B2B/SaaS Companies
    • eCommerce Stores
    • Media/Publishing Houses
    • OTAs/Travel Agencies
    • Agencies
    What is a conversion funnel?

    A conversion funnel is a graphic representation of a person’s relationship with your business or brand from the point at which they become acquainted with you to the point they become clients

    What Is the CRO Process?

    The process of CRO is as follows:

    • Audience Research
    • Optimization
    • A/B Testing
    • Measurement
    • Ongoing Adjustments
    How to Improve Your Conversion Rate?

    The key to continuously improve your conversion rate is to closely analyze your consumer behavior data and how people engage with your site. For example, you can use technologies such as Google Analytics to track goal completions, traffic statistics, and user engagement, among other metrics.

    What works for your business is highly dependent on the interests and habits of your target audience. Additionally, it is contingent upon the offers you are marketing and the design of your website.

    Why is conversion rate optimization important?

    Conversion rate optimization is essential since it enables you to leverage existing visitors and traffic. Instead of engaging uninterested individuals, you can work on those who have already expressed an interest. As a result, it will increase the return on investment and also reduce your marketing expenditures.

    How do you calculate your conversion rate?

    Two values are needed to evaluate your conversion rate—first, the visitor count. Second, the proportion of those who act or convert. Thus, the conversion rate of your website is presented as a percentage. For instance, if 10,000 visitors convert into 500 actions, your conversion rate is 500/10000, or 5%.

    What is a conversion goal?

    A conversion target is the desired outcome of optimizing a web page or email. It is quantifiable, for example:

    • Increasing the time visitors spend on a web page
    • Increasing the number of newsletter subscribers
    • Increasing the number of signups for free trials
    • Increasing the number of customers who add things to their cart
    • Reduce the bounce rate of your website
    • Increased checkouts or an increase in the average order value
    What testing methods can I use for conversion optimization?

    You can conduct conversion optimization using the A/B testing method.

    The original web page refers to the “control” in this process. Then, by altering a single element, you can produce a new version of the page or email, referred to as a “variant.” Then you split your traffic or audience in half so that each version is seen by half of your traffic.

    What is a reasonable conversion rate?

    There’s no fixed answer to this. It varies by industry and depends on various factors such as product kind, price, website traffic source, device (mobile, tablet, or PC), and the platform used (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, etc.).

    Which pages should I test first?

    It’s tempting to test everything when attempting to increase conversions, but this is a bad idea. Rather than that, it is better to use resources, effort, and budget to test sites or email campaigns that directly or indirectly affect income.

    Among the pages that you must optimize for an eCommerce site are the following:

    • Checkout page
    • Add-to-cart page
    • Feedback page
    Does the Commerce Pundit give Pay-for-Performance option?

    No.However, we would be delighted to discuss your requirements, and we tailor our services to fit various scalable programs.

    How does your company approach CRO?

    We conduct in-depth website audits personally and with the use of automated tools. Additionally, we conduct extensive research to examine your sales funnel. It will involve examining search query intent, landing formatting, call to action, check-in/check-out procedure, A/B testing, a review of Google Analytics, and multiple testing.

    How are conversions defined for my website?

    Conversions are defined by analyzing your targeted end goals as a result of customer interaction on your website. To that degree, conversions may involve actions such as filling out an application form, subscribing to a newsletter, making a call, or even purchasing anything from your website.

    What metrics do you use to measure website performance?

    Various metrics, statistics, and research are used depending on the website’s aim, maturity within a CRO hierarchy, and the package level of our CRO Program. Bounce rates, duration on-site, heat maps for user flows, video click recordings for tracking human behavior, conversion rates, A/B split test results, and goal monitoring are just a few examples.

    Do customer reviews on my website affect my conversion rate?

    Yes. Customer ratings and reviews help establish your brand’s credibility online. In addition, it’s one of the most effective methods for increasing conversions since it gets customers on your website.

    What data do you evaluate during the CRO process?

    We study a variety of data points to develop a customized CRO plan for your brand. We evaluate your current conversion funnel looking for impediments to completing an action, ineffective/incomplete calls to action, and other points of customer exit before conversion.

    What should be my budget for CRO?

    We will work collaboratively with you to determine your CRO budget based on the anticipated target market, the current state of the website’s CRO, and the activities necessary to reach those goals. After specifying work estimations, our team will provide you with a personalized quote.

    What other services do you provide apart from conversion rate optimization?

    To get the best results with our CRO services, you can also check out our other services like PPC Services (interlink to service page), SEO Services (interlink to service page) and Social Media Services (interlink to service page) to get you the best ROI.

    We also provide Email Marketing Services (interlink to service page), Magento Development (interlink to service page) and Shopify Development Services (interlink to service page) if you are looking to start an e-commerce business from scratch.

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