Thermal Club


Project Overview

The Thermal Club is a private country club surrounding one of the longest and most distinct racing circuits in North America. Thermal Raceway appears like a mirage in the California desert. The site covers around 160 hectares, walled off to the outside world. There are now three race tracks and 70 residential properties built. Want to ‘Eat, Sleep, Race, Repeat’? This country club has you covered.


The thermal club originally comes to us looking for help with their guest management system. The manual process was being followed and sometimes it’s really cumbersome to manage all the guest entries and track their access of the club. Commerce Pundit helps them to not only manage their guests but also improvise the asset management and reporting which help them to derive automation.

UX Strategy

We started thinking of creating a customized backend panel that helps to solve multipurpose challenges like managing guests, vendors, staff & assets. Each of these groups required a separate listing and their management based on the nature of the entity.

We engage the key stakeholders and interview them to collect their needs. We show them a wireframing to get their signoff on each of the requirements being presented to us.

Upon approvals on wireframes, we designed an easy to use and self-understandable backend panel which helps them to track the records within the club.


We started selecting from multiple technologies and looking at the data that are going to flow in the future, we were aiming to create a sustainable architecture that can hold the needs of the future. There were many ready-to-go architectures available but the challenge with them was that they comes up with pre-defined formats and extra payload.

We finally conclude to create something precisely engineered for The Thermal Club, a custom architecture, that is designed and developed to serve the specific requirements.

The application is now built with a robust .Net technology hosted on secure AWS infrastructure and leveraging best-in-class data processing architecture.


Since, we launch this platform, we’ve started receiving many positive feedbacks and inputs from the client. They want to expand platform’s ability to cater to the needs of their business and want to expand the original scope of the backend panel. We are still growing their platform with their different custom needs and to ensure to automize the manual efforts.

After launching the platform, their existing customers also like the use of digital platforms in the replacement of manual entries at multiple entry points. The platform was able to deliver the basic funda to save the time of guests as well as the staff member to focus on servicing more.


Key challenges which we have faced & The Result that we get

  • Data reports were coming from different systems and were not having a meaningful outcome to make decisions –We created

    custom data report module which brings the data from the legacy software and merges it into the latest database technology. We sync all the legacy software data models and created one single point for all the data reports needs. This also helps to generate a high volume of data requests for reporting in seconds. The new thought process of making meaningful data reports helps customers to proactively take business decisions.

  • For the club it is important to know their guests to prioritize the services

    In order to bring more information about their guests, we automized the services using a third-party module. This helps the club staff to understand their guests’ importance and provide them with priority services based on the club’s model.

  • Understanding and managing the entries of different stakeholders was difficult; the most challenging issue was tracking entries into the club due to the club's large property size.

    We created an entry register module that helps gatekeepers to register people who are visiting the club. The module is so robust that it separates out the guests, visitors, staff, and vendors. Also, in each of the properties, we developed an entry register so, at any given point in time, the club staff are aware of the vendor’s location within the premises.

  • Before the existence of the guest register, the manual process allowed guests’ entry without verification

    With the help of technology, we able to automize the guest entry registration with authorization using the SMS / Email. It works in a way that no unauthorized guest / visitors can enter to the premise which helps to improvise the security.


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