Prime Cabinetry

Project Overview

Prime Cabinetry is a kitchen cabinetry business that not only sells cabinets but also helps plan and design kitchen remodel projects. Commerce Pundit handles eCommerce store operations from website design maintenance, customer tracking, and increasing sales.

Leading in Kitchen and Bath Cabinetry

Prime Cabinetry is a top vendor of high-quality kitchen and bath cabinets for homeowners, contractors, and property owners. Prime Cabinetry can help guide its clients throughout their entire remodeling process from start to finish. We assist Prime Cabinetry as dependable partners to supply their customers with excellent service.


Prime Cabinetry has a serious requirement to track the revenue source accurately. Additionally, the client sought growth in orders and revenue for their Kitchen Cabinetry business’ online website. Commerce Pundit has a proven history of increasing eCommerce stores’ revenues and solving unique problems for clients with eCommerce businesses. Commerce Pundit was able to efficiently resolve Prime Cabinetry’s issues.

Platform and Tools:

All of the tools implemented increase the client’s store revenue.

Prime Cabinetry’s website was built and is maintained on the Magento platform

We analyze the client’s eCommerce store traffic and search engine placement and make the necessary improvements.

We organize the client’s customer leads, contacts, emails, and more.

We manage the client’s online advertisements to further attract customers.

We use this too to increase the revenue of the client’s store.

We help our clients communicate with their customers with newsletters.

  • 139% increase in new sessions
  • 29% Avg. Session duration improved
  • 65% to 55% The bounce rate decreased
  • 152% eCommerce Conversion Rate improved
  • 84% Transactions increased
  • 546% Revenue increased


Key challenges which we have faced & The Result that we get

  • Reporting Accurate Revenue Source

    The first one was to resolve the data accuracy issues related to a revenue source. We analyzed over 10000 customer records and their purchase journey to identify all sources they come from. We found that the customers were 1st coming from our Paid channels and then they mostly converted through our Email Marketing campaigns. Some customers placed orders after talking with the client’s office as well.

    Based on the analysis, we concluded that we would need to fix the tracking issue by introducing another top analytics tracking system that can identify the customer’s entire journey. This way, we were able to fix the revenue tracking challenge of the customer. We now receive 100% revenue source accuracy.

  • Increasing Growth in Orders and Revenue

    The second challenge was to increase the number of orders and revenue with an ROI of at least 3x.

    To tackle this challenge, we went ahead and created many campaigns in Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Pinterest Ads, Instagram Ads, SEO, and MailChimp newsletter series and followed our excellent best practices. The growth within the first six months was tremendous. The store experienced a 112% growth in revenue.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, the client’s challenges related to inaccurate revenue sources and growth were resolved within the first six months. Client’s revenue in the first 12 months of 2016 was $1.2 million which is $15 million in the last 12 months.

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