PirateMx Powersports

Project Overview

Pirate MX Powersports LLC opened in 2011 and since the company’s start has become a leading parts provider for motorcycles, ATVs, and UTVs. The company sells both used and new parts to consumers across the country. Offering millions of products within the market, such as eBay and their own website, they have created a user experience that allows consumers to choose the make (year), model, and type of equipment to narrow the search for the parts they require. This system helps users to find the right part on the Pirate MX Powersports LLC platform very quickly and easily as well.


The client was seeking to continue to use and grow their existing platform. Goals for this project included:

  • The project had complex requirements, such as managing data from multiple distributors and making sure the client’s products properly appeared in the marketplace inventory.
  • The project required our team to process millions of data points daily to update the inventory, pricing, and product information.
  • There is multiple third-party software that was used previously by the client, which our team integrated with the new system to create smoother processes going forward.


  • We received and identified the unstructured data from the distributors and therefore decided to use the MongoDB.
  • As we needed to process through millions of records each day, we created an efficient automation system in order to run the data through the queue mechanism.
  • On the website, we used elastic search for better performance.
  • We used the scheduler application to process daily-based jobs in the off hours.

Key challenges which we have faced & The Result that we get

  • The Challenges That We Got

    The project was already initiated by some other company and when we started working on it, we didn’t have any document and the project was explained by their team member in just day which they have developed over the period of 3 years.

    Third-party integration

    Mixture of various technologies

    Project logic was complex

    Only the production environment was available

    Client is looking for someone who can understand it quickly and start working upon the
    ongoing issues.

  • The Solutions We've Offered

    We asked the client to give us an understanding of each module and how they utilize it.

    Rather than looking at all the issues we bifurcated the issues module-wise so, we could focus on one specific module at a time to understand it in detail.

    We set up daily calls with the client where we discuss the new requirements and ongoing issues. Whatever changes we make, we showcase that to the client and that gives confidence to both the team and the client that whatever is worked on lines up with the expectations that were set.

“Our Commerce Pundit team has done an excellent job. The scope of work they were asked to take on and support wasn’t a small task. The team has stepped up and worked hard to deliver a great product. They have built a few new tools and optimized some back-end processes to make the App faster and more efficient. CP has also started building out the necessary infrastructure/API for the new V1 in V2 and has done lots of bug fixes. I feel the next six months’ results will show the true story; because the PMX App has many processes that need to be understood before really adding or building any new tools or workflows. With that said, I’m excited to see what the next six months will hold!

Thanks for the effort that the team has put into the App.”

– John Baughman


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