LA Nail Supply

Project Overview

LA Nail Supplies, an industry leader with over 18 years of experience, is committed to providing outstanding user experience. They specialize in offering a wide range of cosmetic products, including nail polish, nail accessories, manicure kits, pedicure kits, beauty treatment tools, LED lights, and more. Their product lineup features renowned brands such as DND, OPI, Après, Kiara Sky, LIKO, Le Chat, CND, Avry, Voesh, and they hold the prestigious platinum partner status with Après. Previously, their products were exclusively available through their physical store and warehouse. They partnered with Commerce Pundit to establish their digital presence.


The client had a specific set of requirements for their website, including establishing an online presence for their business, incorporating eCommerce functionality, ensuring a streamlined frontend and backend design, implementing special provisions for diverse types of customers, and creating an easy checkout process.

They have an offline multi-million business and wanted to step grow online. We proposed Magento eCommerce platform for their website requirements and created wireframes (mock-ups) for the website, considering an intuitive interface and best UI/UX experience. We proposed the product catalog upload, catalog view, categorization, mini cart, a secure checkout process, order processing etc. to be included on the website. They also wanted to have the customer segregation where they offer different product prices based on the customer types. As a leading eCommerce Solution provider, we also proposed various security measures to be implemented. For example, PCI scan, Secure Payment gateway, Google ReCAPTCHA, SSL.

Services We Offered


  • Web Banners
  • Image Manipulation and Illustration
  • Social Media Posts Creation


  • Frontend
  • Backend
  • DevOps


  • PPC (SEM)
  • Social Media (SMM)
  • Marketplace
  • Merchandizing
  • Email marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing

Platform and Integration

All of the tools implemented increase the client’s store revenue.

Magento 2.4.4

One Step Checkout

Import/Export Product

Amasty Feed integration with Google and Facebook

Authorize .Net Payment with Apple Pay

PayPal Express Checkout

PayPal Express Pay Later Option, which is available only in USA

Multiple Customer Types

USPS Shipping Integration

Mega Menu

  • 50% Increase in No. of revenue (Website)
  • 12 % Increase in No. of revenue (Amazon)
  • 5s Page Load Time
  • 153% Increase in Traffic
  • 15% Increase in No. of Orders (Amazon)
  • 45% Increase in No. of orders (Website)

Challenges and Solutions

  • Inefficient Product Search for a Large Catalog

    The client had 30k plus products to be listed on the site. Searching a large catalog is challenging so we integrated Algolia as a search service to provide a faster and more accurate search experience.

  • Difficulty in Navigating a Vast Product Range

    We categorized the products in the main and sub-categories to make sure that the customer can easily find the relevant products using the navigation menu.

  • Inconsistent Pricing and User Experience for Different Customer Types and Bulk Purchases

    LA Nail Supplies has 3 types of customers: Regular Customer, Salon Professional, and Redistributor. We implemented separate login and pricing for different customer types, so based on their type, they see different prices. We have also implemented tier pricing where the product price is reduced as the quantity increases.

  • Limited Payment Options in Checkout Process

    An easy-to-use UI/UX with the support for multiple payment methods for a quick checkout was implemented. Payment methods include Credit Card, Apple Pay, and PayPal Express Checkout.

    For security, if fraud is suspected, the payment provider system detects it and immediately stops the payment.

  • High Cart Abandonment Rates and Low Conversion Rates for Abandoned Carts

    Using a variety of techniques, send a reminder to a customer about waiting cart to boost the conversions dramatically.

  • Manual and Time-consuming Product Catalog Management for Online Advertising Platforms

    Amasty Feed Integration synchronizes the product catalog changes with Google Merchant Center and Facebook Marketing API.

Services provided for LA Nail Supplies Online Presence

Multiple services were offered by Commerce Pundit to ensure that LA Nail Supplies’ first website is optimized for the best user experience and provides powerful tools for the admin.

Commerce Pundit provided different services like PPC Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Banners, Newsletter, Merchandising, Amazon/Web UI Creatives. Marketplace services like listing thousands of products and creating different strategies were also leveraged to grow their business on Amazon.

In addition, CP developed a user-friendly front-end interface that offers a seamless browsing experience for a diverse range of users.

Commerce Pundit demonstrated a deep understanding of our business model, target audience, and vision. Their expertise in design resulted in a visually stunning, user-friendly website that embodies our elegance and sophistication. They seamlessly integrated our branding elements for a cohesive online presence. Their SEO strategies significantly improved organic rankings, boosting traffic and conversions. We appreciate their dedication to helping us grow in the digital landscape. Throughout the development process, our Commerce Pundit developer maintained transparent communication, providing regular updates. They valued our feedback and promptly incorporated it, surpassing our expectations.

- Eric Truong, LA Nail Supplies

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