Project Overview

A Leading Home theater seating provider selling their chairs, sofas, and couch online. The idea was to provide a theatre-like ambiance at home and enjoy watching movies, documentaries, or any content with the feel of the theater hall. The website allows its customers to choose the product with various combinations like several seats, a choice of fabric, and colors to personalize their selection. It’s motivating for 4seating to see when customers send pictures of their home theater after installing chairs/sofas.


Eurotec Inc. ( originally came to us looking for help with maintaining and upgrading their existing website. It was built on an outdated Magento version and was giving them trouble to manage. We helped them make the updates they needed, but it was like putting a bandied on a gushing wound – bigger changes were needed.

So, when they were ready to move forward with a complete front-end website redesign, we were there to help them out.

We knew there was a lot of work to do, as their current site was having many code-related provocations, but also an eyesore to look at. To kick off our discovery process, we started collecting all the important to-dos and divided them using the MoSCoW prioritization – Must have, should have, and could have.

UX Strategy

After reviewing the initial thoughts for the mockup, we compile the data, missing elements, and must-have features. We pulled from what we learned during our deep dive into building a performing eCommerce platform and building out the user experience strategy (UX).

The focus was on creating a brand-new experience for the customer and we define the key performance indicators to understand user behavior through data. We also note down the parts of the website which are being eliminated and their SEO values to ensure the website has either no or minimal impact post brand new launch.

After everything is in place, it was time to implement the mockups into the running website. As a close collaborative effort between the client and our team, we were able to launch a successful brand-new design for customers of

UX Strategy


By looking at the variants in the selection and customization of attributes, Magento fits as the best platform where we were able to create custom attributes for each choice that requires for the product. We also wanted to have an easy checkout journey for our customers and Magento was at the right place to provide the easy-to-understand checkout options.

With the help of AWS infrastructure, we were able to provide a secure and robust server infrastructure.



Key challenges which we have faced & The Result that we get

  • The first version of the website was created with a focus on desktop design, and the website was missing a modern look. Due to the design not working well with mobile devices, the conversion rate was lower and customer acquisition costs increased

    To fix the mobile responsiveness, we are thinking of a mobile-first design. We recreate the brand design understanding and implement the latest design ideas to capture the mobile users. We ran CRO (Conversion rate optimization) on the important landing pages and produced strategies to improve customers’ experience on the website.

  • Website has been hosted on a dedicated server that did not have the leverage of new generation infrastructure to serve website traffic. There was no CDN (Cloud Delivery Network) in place to optimize the website performance. During high traffic, which stopped responding and creating business:

    We helped migrate the website from a dedicated server to an AWS cloud infrastructure. We completed the migration with zero website downtime, and the change improved the website’s scalability, durability, sustainability, and speed. After the migration, we can use CloudFront to load heavy content on the website quickly and easily.

  • Missing searchability and customers were forced to navigate through old-school menu navigation. To some extent, this works for desktop users, but for mobile devices, it created a challenge for navigation

    To improve customer functionality, we needed to add a search option to the website. We integrated the Algolia search software into the website to help customers find products quickly without going through the menu. We saw improvements in conversion and engagement after the search bar went live.

  • The old system of placing a Sample Request was developed separately and lacked direct links to actual stock/colors. This created a challenge where a lot of times, customers requested a sample that was either not in stock or discontinued:

    The sample requests and website were separate, making it challenging to keep the inventory updated. We integrated the sample request into the main website to keep the offered samples updated and in line with the products shown on the website. The update made customers less confused and more engaged on the website.

Since assigning all web-related tasks to them, conversion rates have increased, the sites load quicker, and their designs have greatly improved the UX. Commerce Pundit’s Magento experience, responsiveness, and helpful advice ensure top quality at a great price.

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