Project Overview

EnvelopeCafé is committed to challenging that paradigm. Their motto is that buying envelopes should be as simple as ordering a cup of coffee at a nearby cafe. Their custom design studio eliminates the need for expensive the middlemen, allowing you to create your own incredible print designs with a simple point-and-click interface.


For their website, the client required an efficient frontend and backend design that organizes and executes transactions safely and accurately. Commerce Pundit provides a system through which users can place an order without any hesitation.

Printing Industry

Their primary goal is usability. With that goal in mind, Their team is eager to assist you in bringing your big idea to life. If your design is complicated, you can directly call EnvelopeCafé to insist you. One of their professionals will work with you step by step to ensure that the design that ships match the design in your head.

Are you not an artist? That is not a problem! Their design studio makes bringing your vision to life enjoyable and simple. Bring your inspiration to life by uploading your own artwork, photo, or logo.

UX Strategy

We have created an easy-to-use frontend to allow users to select from numerous products and different categories, such as labels, envelopes, banners, etc. Frontside refers to the buyer panel where they can manage their information and track purchases with payment and shipment details.

Key challenges which we have faced & The Result that we get

  • Customized User Experience: It was a struggle to find the right envelope and stationery items based on the different segments for customers from the vast selections of envelopes and their size options. We upgraded the customers’ UX to make it simpler to find what they need.

    Customers can use this function to search the envelope based on their requirements, and the website will then suggest the appropriate set of envelope and sizes and colors based on that information. Customers can choose the envelope they want, and the website will then propose envelopes that go with that size. Customers can also select other stationery items based on the same logic.

  • Easy Payment: Hassle-free Payments with end-to-end security

    An easy-to-use User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) with support for payment methods and biometric multi-factor authentication (MFA) was created for quick checkout.

  • Abandon Payment Emails: Email generation to remind the audience about the waiting cart

    Using a variety of techniques, we boosted conversions dramatically and eliminated failed payment attempts.

  • Secured payments: High-end security was needed to ensure secure payment

    If fraud is suspected, our experts work on the system to immediately stop the payment.

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