Auto Parts 2.0

Project Overview

With integrated technologies that optimize the listing, selling and shipping of automotive parts, the objective of is to provide a top-notch online marketplace for buyers and sellers of automotive parts.

AutoPart4Less is a streamlined digital encounter that benefits the whole automotive parts sector.

Multi-Seller Marketplace for Autoparts industry: We have developed a multi-seller marketplace; the important functionality is for sellers to win the buy box. We have defined strong logic so that sellers can check other sellers’ pricing and try to give more service with the buy box. This will be beneficial to sell with the buy box. This will be beneficial to sellers to sell more and customers to get more in less.

Year Make Model: YMM is the key part of the project. It’s known as fitment data. We have the largest fitment data (You can get a count of current fitment data from the team, it’s around 20,00,000+)


The client needed an efficient frontend and backend design for their website that organizes and executes transactions safely and accurately. Commerce Pundit supplies a system through which they can manage the sellers with numerous accounts, and sellers can conveniently load their products from the portal and APIs, in addition to aiding them in managing the products.

Here, we have solutions for product delivery with a variety of carriers in addition to a safe payment method.

UX Strategy

Frontside means the buyer panel where they can manage their information and track purchases with payment and shipment details, we have created an easy-to-use frontend marketplace to allow users to browse millions of products from several merchants.

Additionally, a customized admin backend panel was created to address issues with managing personnel, vendors, general information, product verification, and a variety of reports, including seller reports, product reports, and sales reports.

We have also created a seller panel for merchants where they can display their products, control shipping regulations, and view sales and transaction reports for their products with ease.

To gather their needs, we interview the important stakeholders. To acquire their approval on each of the wireframes, we present the wireframes to them.


We started making technology choices and looked at the data that would flow in the future to build a sustainable architecture that could accommodate future demands. Several ready-to-use designs were available, but one of their limitations was that they had to simultaneously handle millions of requests and several APIs.

We finally conclude that we need to establish a unique architecture that is specifically engineered for The AutoParts4Less and is created to meet certain needs.

The program is currently constructed using the most up-to-date and reliable.NET technology, is hosted on a secure AWS infrastructure, and makes use of a best-in-class data processing architecture along with numerous other third-party tools.

To deliver the finest services, numerous third-party tools are combined.


Key challenges which we have faced & The Result that we get

  • The size of the product catalog was large and uploading those products was not manageable:

    We created a systematic bulk import option that accepts the row data and converts it into webpages based on the algorithm periodically. The import features not only verify the integrity of data but also ensure that there is no error in the import sheet.

  • Due to large data overload, the website did not have a good loading speed:

    We integrated the front website with help of react.js which creates a loosely coupled architecture. With the help of distributed API calls, we were able to make large datasets perform robustly.

  • Bulk Import products were crashing in processing and did not allow many products to process:

    We integrated AWS Lambda functions to optimize the process of importing data. This helps our vendors to upload their product Catalog faster with more accuracy.

  • Autopart’s Marketplace visitors require higher security to stop bots from degrading performance:

    We implemented a web application firewall to protect the site from unknown access and stop unknown bots. Integration of Sucuri not only stops such kind of access but also help us to learn about unknown/unauthorized service request.

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