Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Drives Results

Despite how long email has been around, email marketing is still growing strongly. In fact, for 89% of marketers, it’s the main way they generate leads. 1 Email is still a huge aspect of digital marketing and a large driver of revenue growth to small and large businesses alike, especially when we start breaking down and segmenting email lists.

At Commerce Pundit, we focus on building a quality email list with content that reaches your customers no matter what device they’re on.

How we do it

Before we get started with any new client, there are a few things we do to set them up for success.

  • Strategy

    Our research into your business, customers, competitors, and marketplace is a comprehensive deep-dive that allows us to figure out what type of email campaigns will work best for you and when they need to be deployed.

  • Content

    Once our strategy is set and approved, we get started on the content. For automated campaigns – like a welcome series, abandoned cart campaign, and so on – we craft timeless messaging and images designed to draw customers back into your website experience. For weekly sales, newsletter, or event messaging, we create content to generate excitement, interest and enthusiasm.

  • Audience

    At the same time we are busy drafting content for your campaigns, we are sorting through whatever audience you’ve accumulated. We can advise you on how to segment your audience for maximum results. Haven’t built anything yet? We can sit down and give you a plan for how to segment your audience as they start signing up.

  • Tracking Results

    We’ve got an eye for detail and we love numbers. We’ll comb through your results regularly, gleaning insights for sharpening our strategy and more effectively reaching your customers with the messaging that they respond to best.

  • Website Integration

    With our in-house design and development team, we can integrate any email service into your website. We’ll also help with strategic pop-ups, banners, and everything else you need to make email marketing a highly profitable avenue for you.

What can you expect?

Not only can you expect your audience lists to grow alongside your profits, we can help you use email campaigns to increase customer feedback, collect reviews, and conduct market research on what products or services your customers would like to see from you.

Are you reading to put a winning email marketing plan into action?

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