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Technologies that help us bring perfection in our work

Our clientele base varies from an SME to a seasonal participant. However, amidst this diversity, one thing which is unique is the technological satisfaction. Our team has a firm grip in providing eCommerce solutions, Design & Development support, Market Place management, and inbound marketing to our global clientele. In simple words, we know right tool and technology for different purposes.

Our Expertise

Transparency is the key to earn a long term and strong relation. Following this philosophy, we would like to share the technologies we use to cater our clients.

Web Design & Development

The world is growing with the growth in technology. Today, your first impression in front of your target audience is your Business’s website. We at Commerce Pundit believe that having an expert Website Design & Development team you can enhance the chances of turning potential clients to present clients. Here are some benefits:

Design that represents

We believe that the website design needs to reflect your brand and your vision.

Personalized Development

Through this, we intend to keep your website as unique as your idea.

content management sol.

Content Engagement

Content can indeed be a major reason behind user engagement. We choose words wisely.

Responsive Design

Time’s money. We try to save the time of your visitors, to ensure they invest the same in you.

Futuristic Vision

To excel in today’s competition you need to bridge the gap between present and future.

e - commerce solutions

With every preceding day, buyers are getting more and more inclined towards the digital market space. Undoubtedly, this growing inclination has transformed the web world into a large market space. We at Commerce Pundit believe that your E-Store needs to be user centric to ensure your long-term market stand. Here are some benefits:

responsive design

Creatively Simple

The market is competitive and growing at fast pace. We understand that you need to be both unique and simple.

User Centric Interface

We design your ecommerce portal keeping your target users in mind. This eventually helps you to gain loyalty.

Highly secured

To have a successful e-commerce solution, it is important to take best security measures. Well, we master this art.

Quick Access

Digitalization is gaining popularity due to ease and the time is saved. We design ecommerce solutions to deliver quick access.

inbound marketing

The strategy has proved its excellence in today’s growing market. Inbound marketing helps you attract even those customers who didn’t actually planned to buy but have relative queries. The team at Commerce Pundit holds an unmatched grip over the strategy, and have indeed helped global clients to attain their set targets. Here are some benefits:

Gain relevant traffic

With inbound marketing, you can gain the attention of your target audience at comparatively lesser investment.

Generate more leads

I don’t want to sound mean, but let us accept that more traffic means more leads to work upon.

Increase your sales

Once you have the right people on your e-commerce portal, chances of getting more sales increase.

Build customer loyalty

Serving your customers with the information they want, increases your chances of earning their loyalty.

marketplace management

This is an invincible ingredient for your glorious saga in the e-commerce market. With efficient marketplace management, you can keep your digital store clean and continue your workings in much productive manner. In fact, through a successful implementation of Marketplace management policy, you can have all e-commerce solutions. Here are some benefits:

Simplified access

We know you have a lot to plan and manage. This is why we help you a little by simplifying your billing and payment processes.

Better customer support

The marketplace management allows you to avail unmatched customer support to all your visitors.

Real-time analysis

This also allows you to study the real-time data and predict the workings. This eventually helps you take cost-effective decisions.

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