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As the name suggests, under PPC (Pay Per Click) advertisers pay a defined amount every time their ad gets clicked.

  • Plays an inevitable role in decreasing your monthly marketing expenses.
  • It avails you more impressions in comparison to other marketing strategies.
  • The Ad text can be completely optimized keeping in mind your niche and the target audience.
  • PPC brings only the relevant audience. This eventually increases the quality score of your website.
  • Once you have a relevant audience the conversion volume will on its own increase.
  • With geotagging and other targeting tools, PPC avails you more traffic.
  • It lets you track your conversions on a real-time basis. Helping you to take appropriate actions.

How PPC Works?

Pay per Click is a strategy in which the marketer only has to pay for his ad when it gets clicked. The strategy empowers you to reach your target audience quicker with paid search advertising and convert them into your customers. The team of experts at Commerce Pundit have expertise in availing full range PPC services cost-effectively.

  • Keyword Research

    A thorough keyword research based on your industry, target location, and audience preference to expand your chances of being noticed and engaging the audience which fits your business.

  • Campaign Setup

    Setting up campaign is one of the most crucial parts. The PPC experts have to study and analyze every minute detail and implement it further to build a campaign that can help you reach your desired audience.

  • Traffic Analytics

    Building the campaign is just the first step. The marketer needs to keep a track of analytics, study them and then take necessary actions to boost and maintain better PPC marketing results.

  • Cost Per Lead Optimizer

    We understand that business is about learning ROI. One of the best parts about PPC is that you can optimize your cost per lead depending on your budget for individual campaigns.


Significance of PPC

  • Results are Instant

    Results are Instant

    With PPC you cannot just track the performance of your campaign but can also expect instant result.



    The expanded reach through PPC ad campaigns eventually increases your sales by reaching the target audience.

  • Set your budget

    Set your budget

    Running low on marketing budget? Well, PPC leverages you with the freedom to set your campaign’s budget the way you want.

  • Pay when someone clicks

    Pay when someone clicks

    Unlike other campaigns, PPC calls only for the payment of the clicks received by your campaign.

  • Target your PPC add

    Target your PPC ad

    You can always set the target for your PPC ad by working on location, industry and other aspects.

  • Increase Local Visibility

    Increase Local Visibility

    Enhance your presence in the local market with a more targeted approach through PPC campaigns.

Services offered by Commerce Pundit

The market is all about making a unique space. At Commerce Pundit we believe that to gain the eyeballs of your target audience you either have to do mark your presence first, or ensure that you do it differently.

  • Google Shopping

    Staying updated with the real-time records is important. We don’t loosen the thread at any point.


  • Fb Ads Management

    Facebook is a hub for people of different location and age groups. We help you engage them.


  • Bing Ads Management

    Bing holds a commendable PPC market share. We ensure that your ad works well on it.


  • Amazon Acceleration Program

    We manage your Amazon ads and keep a close check on their performance.


  • Affiliate Marketing

    Define your geographical location and design the ad based on user preferences.



Our personalized Pay-Per-Click marketing strategies and services have enabled our clients to earn the revenue they deserve.

  • An approach like a professional
  • Stay updated with progress
  • Better lead conversions
  • Instant support
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