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Stay ahead of the curve of online marketing

There’s a massive competition in the web market. While numerous online stores are trying the lead the race, not many succeed in marketing and reaching their target audience efficiently. Unlike other eCommerce platforms, Magento gives you tremendous space to reach your target audience effectively.

Get the most through a dedicated marketing campaign with Magento marketing tools

How can we help you expand your reach?

At Commerce Pundit we understand the invincible role marketing plays in building your brand’s image. Our team of experts help you unveil the hidden realms with Magento marketing. Here are some tools:

Content Marketing

Today Content is considered as the king of marketing. It not only helps you reach your target audience but also ensure to engage them interactively. Our team recommends having content to our clients in their marketing strategy.


Search engines are filled with product/service providers. In order to reach the top of the list, optimizing is necessary. Magento comes with some impeccable tools that help you do search engine optimization to enhance your reach.


Emails give you the chance to directly get in touch with your prevailing/prospective customers. Our team helps you to automate Emailing effectively and to have real time reports in analyzing your reach and its impact.

Google tag manager

With this, you can easily add conversion and tracking codes to your website. Once we configure tag manager to your online store, you will no longer need a developer.


This works as a roadmap for search engines. Our team has expertise in sending these sitemaps to search engines like Google and Bing on a nightly basis. This will eventually help you enhance your reach and productivity.

Marketplace Management

Our efforts are on reducing our client’s efforts so that they can focus more on improving the productivity. We assist you by maintaining marketplaces for you by sending your product catalogs to TheFind.

Achieve new benchmarks with Magento Marketing

At Commerce Pundit we have a team of world class Magento Certified developers who are always available to assist you with right Magento marketing skills. We have expertise in providing Magento marketing solutions to business of all industries and sizes.

Allow us to serve you with an unmatched marketing approach

Out Magento team has years of experience in serving clients with personalized marketing strategies through Magento Marketing. We have helped organizations attain their desired target with perfection. In the case of any queries, please feel free to contact our support team.

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