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You need to develop a device-friendly online store

Gone are the days, when having a responsive design was an option to choose. To sustain in today’s competitive market and the tech innovations, having responsive design has become a necessity. You can define your target audience, but knowing about the device they’ll use to operate your online store is little difficult. A Responsive design ensures user-friendly experience irrespective of the device your audience is using.

At Commerce Pundit our team of experienced Magento Certified Developers who are always there to serve you with personalized responsive design options for your website. Ensuring they get the best user-experience while surfing through your website.

How Magento’s Responsive Design leads the race

Magento allows you to customize your website design the way your business needs. It helps you to build a bridge between creativity and technology. You can adorn your website in a way that it performs flawlessly irrespective of the device your users are using to operate your website. If designed and implemented properly, Magento’s responsive design can help you engage and attract an audience.

Allow your audience with Magento’s power-driven fuel

At Commerce Pundit we have a team of expert and certified Magento developers. With the very initial point of discussion, our team tries to understand your requirement through rounds of discussion. Followed by this they do thorough market research on your target user behavior and subsequently share their inputs, which eventually helps them to avail you a responsive website design.

Here’s why we can be your best choice


When we build your site, we build it to be fast, so that it ranks high on Google. We don’t just build responsive sites, but we also ensure to deliver it fast. This helps you rank high on Google, which means better reach.

SEO Based

Our team prefers to use improved HTML structure which subsequently improves SEO performance of your website.

Increased conversions

Once you attract more audience and are able to engage them, the conversion rates increase on its own.

Unmatched support

We believe our bond with clients start after we deliver the project. This is why we are always there to support. Even after delivering the project.

Are you ready to fit every device?

To compete well in the growing market you need to deliver fast and smooth user experience to your visitors. By doing this you can retain your users for a longer time and can also earn their loyalty. This will help you lead your industry for a longer duration.

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