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What is Laravel solution?

Based on PHP web development framework, Laravel solutions are considered as the best in comparison to other solutions which are based on PHP framework.

  • Clear documentation and MVC support
  • Internal templates
  • Object-oriented libraries
  • Database migrations
  • Composer features
  • Faster Caching

How does Laravel web development work?

At Commerce Pundit we have experienced Laravel developers to ensure you get resilient features, easy maintenance, integrating the superior code functionality. Laravel web development is a robust and easy to use modus operandi to build user-experience dipped websites. The team of expert Laravel web developers at Commerce Pundit are adorned with a creative approach.

  • Personalized impression

    every time your audience visits your website, build a personalized impression in front of them. Let them know about your brand, vision, and mission. This will eventually help you gain their loyalty.

  • Secured

    Laravel web development is a highly secured development portal. Having said this you can always stay assured of the data security and restrain your portal from any form of security breach.

  • Ease of access

    The websites built using Laravel offer seamless accessibility. This reduces your bounce rate by enhancing the load speed and eventually improving your user experience.

  • Stay updated

    Laravel web development is highly innovative web development platform. Having your website built using Laravel, you can keep your online presence updated with latest tech trends.

  • Know your traffic

    Every business has a defined audience group and a location. Websites built with Laravel are designed to empower you with ease of access to all its features, which means you can easily learn about user behavior and other details.

  • Custom engagement

    An easy and appealing interface is the key to customer engagement. Laravel gives your business the feasibility it needs to grow in the online world. Remember!! Customer retention is much difficult than attaining new customers.

The significance of Laravel web development

  • Easy to build

    Not just the use but the development process is also easy and can be accomplished comparatively faster.

  • Pre-integrated with mail services

    It comes with numerous APIs, which allows it to send emails through a cloud-based or local server.

  • Highly responsive

    Websites built using Laravel are highly responsive and ensure delivering the best user experience to your visitors.

  • Highly secured

    Laravel web development process and the end result is a highly secured web portal for you.

  • Error handling

    You have entire access to the pre-configured error handling library, monolog logging library, and others.

  • Automated testing

    The testing support for PHPUnit is always included in your Laravel Framework.

Services offered by Commerce Pundit

The team Commerce Pundit thrives to serve its clients with world-class Laravel web development solutions. The team utilizes innovative technology to creatively put together a website which is user-centric.

  • Website Development

    We have a team of certified Laravel developers to serve you with best custom Laravel solutions.


  • Laravel Integration

    Integrate features that your business needs to excel ahead in the ultra-competitive market.


  • eCommerce development

    Laravel eCommerce platforms are considered as one of the most reliable tech resources.


  • Migrations & upgrades

    Planning to migrate or upgrade your current solution? We have you backed.


  • Support & maintenance

    We don’t just help you build but also assist you in maintaining your laravel platform effortlessly.


We offer a wide range of Laravel solutions

At Commerce Pundit, we believe that to surpass the market hurdles it is important to use technology innovatively.

  • Seamless experience
  • Instant support
  • Dedicated team
  • Stay updated with progress
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