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What is Inbound Marketing?

Marketing is more about taking smart steps at the right time and in a well-researched and personalized manner.

  • Attract and engage your target audience like a pro
  • Stay updated with real-time data and analytics to fetch better results
  • Filter your approach keeping your product and services in mind
  • Enhanced user engagement which eventually helps you earn user loyalty
  • Get more conversion and decrease your bounce rate
  • Generate relevant leads and save your time and resources
  • Improve ROI and make wiser decisions to plan your area of investment.


A modus operandi that works 24/7 and 365 days to nurture leads and generate sales. Inbound marketing on whole is a combination of defined strategies which are prioritized and executed after thorough market research. The team at commerce Pundit has invincible experience in bringing brands to top in the search engine listings.

  • Accessing Current Performance

    The first and foremost step is to understand the current standing. The team leaves no stone unturned to analyze the current status of company, buyer satisfaction, and areas which need improvement.

  • Defining Buyer Personas

    Most marketing strategies fail due to missing proper definition of buyer persona. Here, you need to analyze who is your target audience and learn about their likes to attract and engage them.

  • Furnishing Content

    Content plays a very vital role in inbound marketing. This is because a well-furnished and optimized content has more chances of being loved by search engines. Also, the same help to engage your visitors.

  • Promotion and Evaluation

    Ensuring your campaign reaches the audience and tracking its progress is another crucial element. This eventually helps in building better marketing strategies and improving conversions.

Significance of

  • Ease of operations

    Time’s money. Save it by simplifying the task of your sales and marketing time.

  • Enhanced visibility and awareness

    Enhance your brand’s presence effectively in front of your target audience.

  • Get refined traffic

    Utilize your time and efforts to engage only the filtered audience.

  • Mapping

    Implement a well-defined marketing strategy to upscale your end-results.

  • Real-time track and feasibility

    Stay updated with your marketing results and introduce changes as and when required.

  • Better decision making

    With real-time reports, you can make more precise decisions to improve ROI and enhance conversions.

Services offered by Commerce Pundit

At Commerce Pundit we offer a range of services related to inbound marketing. Our experts have years of experience in building personalized inbound marketing strategies for businesses belonging to various niches.

  • Paid advertising:

    We ensure you invest your hard earned money wisely in planning and implementing your marketing strategies.


  • Content marketing:

    We deliver content which isn’t just optimized for search engines but also for your target audience.


  • Social Media Marketing:

    Don’t just approach your audience, you can also gain their trust through Social media marketing.


  • Email Marketing:

    We help you in keeping your audience updated with new offers with CTA and live tracking.


  • Keyword optimization:

    SEO could be easy only if keywords are well chosen and placed. Well, we have you backed.


We offer a full range of Inbound marketing services

Team Commerce Pundit believes that every business needs a personalized marketing strategy to excel ahead of its competitors.

  • Personalized business strategy
  • Enhance brand awareness
  • Professional approach
  • Real-time tracking
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