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With the moving time, Email marketing has transformed itself as an inevitable part of marketing strategies. Brands ensure engaging their prevailing and target audience through interactive Email Marketing strategies. At Commerce Pundit, we have earned proficiency in cracking the code to execute this successfully. Our skilled team has expertise in designing Email marketing strategies based on client and his requirements.

How We Do It

We won’t say it’s some form of rocket science, but yes there are certain right-hand thumb rules which need to be followed.

Purpose clarification

The reason behind executing email marketing needs to be clarified at the first place.

Outlining goals

That is your target. This includes geographical, age, gender and the response you expect after targeting them.

Frequency Determination

Defining a reasonable mailing frequency, keeping in mind that the recipients must neither feel intimidated nor forget you.

Last But Not Least

Ensuring that your mail reaches inbox and not the spam isn’t enough. The need is that once it reaches the inbox, the content and flow is engaging and interactive enough to break the ice and make the reader contact you. Commerce Pundit has impeccable command over the modus operandi to convert sales through Email marketing campaigns.

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