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Handling and maintaining the delicacy of a family business was the primary concern. The team has to ensure that technology doesn’t mislead already sustaining family business. Every single inclusion has to be closely analyzed.

Another challenge here was to cover the wide range of products and services that they offer. The team has to keep the User Interface simple and interactive without missing any of the offerings. The challenge gets further complicated when has to be done keeping in mind the above paragraph.

design your kitchen

This 2-minute Measuring Video and Measuring Guide (pdf) will walk you through the process. If you have any problems, our coordinator will help.

Use this form to tell us a little bit about your project. Please attach a sketch of your room with dimensions and any photos you may have of your existing kitchen. Once we have those details, we will match you with one of our professional kitchen designers who will work with you to create a set of plans for your dream kitchen.



Our primary challenge soon became the key to the solution. The only need was to closely understand and discuss the vision family and goodwill family has. To ensure proper understanding of the same, team opened the gates of discussion and editing.

Once the first challenge got solved, the second on its own reached a level down in context to complexity. Now, the team focused primarily on understanding the industry and the offerings. The process also included the study of the target audience and their likes.





Here’s a sneak into how we added a blend of technology to the family business. The images feature a glimpse of kitchen and bath cabinetry. Contact us today to learn how we can together take your business to masses.

We also offer tray dividers to keep trays neatly arranged and easy to pull out. Plus we offer a wide array of lazy susansthat are anything but lazy – working hard to save you space and effort in wall, base, and blind corner cabinets.




I was pleased in every way in regards to dealing with Lily Ann, from design to delivery. Cabinets are very easy to install and shipping was extremely fast (in my opinion). I will definitely use / recommend Lily Ann cabinets in the future.

Robert Willette



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