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Not Just A Blog

WordPress first found success in blogging, quickly replacing competitors such as Blogger.com as the go-to blog platform. But through a community of developers and constant updates, WordPress has evolved into one of the most powerful content manage systems on the planet. One of its most attractive features is its flexibility, which allows it to manage nearly any type of website. Beyond flexibility, however, there are a number of reasons why people choose WordPress as their content management solution.

1. The Definition of Simplicity

Content Management Systems are designed to make it easy for users to add, edit, and manage their websites. WordPress has mastered this concept, having developed a system that gives you the power to add pages, posts and images without much hassle or effort.

2. A Code-Free Environment

If HTML, CSS and FTP are foreign words to you, don’t worry. WordPress is designed to work the same way as applications like Microsoft Word. Add images and videos, format text and change your designs without knowing any kind of code. If you can change the color of font in a text document, you can do it on WordPress.

3. Designed to be Search Friendly

The beauty of WordPress is in its simplicity. The engine that runs WordPress is a precise and simple code, which is exactly what search engines like to see. The WordPress structure makes it easy for search engines to crawl and index your site, thus increasing your chances of ranking high. Every WordPress page, post and image has its own title, description, and meta tag keywords, helping increase the overall ranking of your entire site.

4. You’re in Complete Control

The reason why WordPress has catapulted into one of the world’s most widely used content management systems is because it gives control back to the user. You shouldn’t have to contact your Webmaster to make slight changes to your site. This is especially true from an SEO standpoint, where fresh content is king. WordPress makes it easy for you to log in from anywhere in the world and make updates and additions without having to go through someone else. You can also assign user roles with varying controls, thus allowing others to manage your site as you see fit.

5. Flexibility

And then it all comes back to flexibility. Millions of people are drawn to WordPress because it can handle nearly everything you throw at it. It can be customized to your brand and is highly scalable. Your 10-page website is great for WordPress, but so is your ever-growing site which one day may expand to hundreds of pages, thousands of blog posts, and several managers with various user roles. WordPress makes it easy for you to grow your site as you grow your business.

WordPress allows designers and developers to create a unique CMS experience for users. At Commerce Pundit, we can design and build a custom WordPress solution to fit your brand’s look and feel while including a number of features unique to your industry. Once we’re done designing your CMS, you’ll be able to manage your site and add content whenever, and however you wish.