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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Consultancy Services

Commerce Pundit’s SEO consulting services give your website a competitive edge in search results, thanks to our expertise in both the art and science of search engine optimization. We work closely with our clients to develop a customized SEO strategy including keyword and competitive analysis, link building recommendations, web redesign guidance and more.

Search Engine Optimization Audits

Each audit we compile is as unique as our clients. A typical Commerce Pundit SEO audit features an in-depth analysis of our clients’ on-page optimization efforts. This allows us to target areas in need of immediate improvement. We’ll then develop a customized SEO strategy based on your needs and budget, while using our audits as the foundation for our strategy.

Search Engine Friendly Website Design

Designing an SEO-friendly website that reflects your branding is about more than choosing the right images. Other elements must be considered, including your audience, market, and product. Commerce Pundit can help you design a website that creates a memorable customer experience, while adhering to the intricate specifications of the ever-evolving SEO world.

Keywords / Market Research

At the crux of optimization is keyword and market research. This type of comprehensive research allows you to reach the right people at the right times with the right messaging. Commerce Pundit employs in-depth research methodologies – based on our clients’ specific industries and niches – to provide the highest possible return on investment.

Develop Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Need help creating an effective SEO strategy that you can manage on your own? Commerce Pundit will work closely with you to design a customized strategy that aims to reach your short-term and long-term goals. We’ll then provide a detailed action plan that simplifies the SEO process – so that you or anyone in your office can take on the duties without feeling confused or overwhelmed.

Quality Link Building Services

Natural, high-quality links are a key ingredient in an effective SEO strategy. At Commerce Pundit, we don’t lean on automated link-building efforts that yield disappointing results. We carefully craft pitches, content and submissions with your brand (and long-term success) in mind. If you don’t have the content needed to attract links, we’ll help you create that content to increase the likelihood of high-authority links.

Content Enhancement Services

Content is developed at a rapid pace – faster than it can be absorbed by users. How, then, can you create content that stands out? At Commerce Pundit, we’ll use tried and true practices to get your content seen and shared. This includes developing content calendars, redesigning your content for higher reader engagement, and developing unique ideas that your readers will want to read.

WordPress / Drupal SEO

Content management systems (CMS) like WordPress and Drupal are great foundations from which to build a strong SEO strategy. However, it takes a level of expertise, within each CMS, to harness the full potential of these platforms. Commerce Pundit boasts dedicated SEO teams with in-depth expertise working with both WordPress and SEO, meaning we’ll make your site soar to the top faster than your competition.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Now that search engines have surpassed the Yellow Pages as the #1 way consumers find local businesses, it’s vital that your local business is found easily on online maps and in organic search results. Commerce Pundit utilizes a set of proven techniques to submit and regularly update your geographic and business information to the largest search engines and directories on the web.

Website Migration SEO Checklist

Many business owners groan at the prospect of a site migration, and for good reason. Moving your site from one locale to another can wreak havoc on your search rankings. But it doesn’t have to. Commerce Pundit will develop an easy-to-follow SEO checklist – customized specifically for your migration – that will ensure a smooth and problem-free transfer that has little to no impact on your rankings.


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