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Responsive Design Implementation

Your web visitors use computers, smartphones and tablets to scour the Internet. Is your website designed to work as effectively, and look as appealing, regardless of the size of the screen it’s displayed on? Responsive web design makes sure your site dynamically responds to the device it is being viewed on. Websites not designed for mobile devices tend to be hard to navigate through and usually offer a poor user experience.That equates to loss in visitors and sales.

Response web design changes all that, while helping to keep your brand consistent. In the earlier days of mobile adaptation, developers had to create multiple sites for each device. Not only was this expensive and time consuming, but it also impacted the consistent branding you’ve established, and it wasn’t an exact science.

Responsive Design Implementation

Maintain your brand with one responsive website

At Commerce Pundit, we develop responsive web designs that present your content in the most appealing and efficient way, depending on the device your visitors are using. For example, your website might display a multiple column layout on a desktop, but a single column layout on a smartphone. When we design your responsive website, we consider two important factors:

  • The message and branding you’re trying to convey
  • What your audience needs or wants to see

Not all devices are created equal

iPhones and iPads don’t have the same dimensions as Galaxies or Androids. And desktop monitors range in size from laptop-sized screens to HDTVs. The responsive web design technology we use at Commerce Pundit allows for your website to automatically respond and adjust to any screen size, offering a clean layout that’s easy to follow and read. That means designing one website to cover all devices.

The world has gone mobile

Desktop computers and laptops aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. But the world is undoubtedly going mobile. Each year more and more people are using smartphones and tablets to research and shop online. If a site is not mobile friendly, consumers will look elsewhere to make a conversion. We know how important it is for your site to function flawlessly, and look appealing, no matter what device it’s being viewed on. We can build a new website, or convert your existing one, into a dynamically responsive web design that allows your brand to always have its best foot forward, no matter what device your visitors are using.