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Marketplace Management

Marketplace Management

Online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Buy.com and Sears.com, attract millions of motivated shoppers each year. Visitors to these sites come with one mission in mind – to make a purchase. But whom these shoppers buy from depends on many variables. Marketplaces are flooded with competition. What does it take to stand out to the motivated shoppers who flock to these sites?


Commerce Pundit is unique in that we’re a full-service agency with our very own Marketplace Management team. Our Marketplace experts work closely with the rest of our design and development team to provide a solution to your eCommerce needs that will boost your presence and return on investment in marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

Our designers work with our marketplace managers to create custom design storefronts that attract potential customers and serve as an extension of your brand. Each marketplace attracts different types of shoppers. We tailor your storefronts to each site while never compromising your overarching brand. We can also enhance and edit your product images so they stand out to your potential customers.


Many eCommerce merchants want to sell their products across multiple marketplaces. They understand that diversifying their focus can offer them increased exposure and sales. But managing separate marketplaces can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Each platform comes with its own requirements and interfaces. In the end, it may seem that the time you spend managing your listings isn’t worth the payoff.

At Commerce Pundit, we make it easy for you to broaden your reach and diversify your listings. We’re experienced with all major online marketplaces and have developed a streamlined process to get your products listed faster than you could do on your own.


Your marketplace presence is one spoke in the wheel of your eCommerce sales. It shouldn’t serve as a separate entity, but rather as a large piece of a bigger picture. When we manage your marketplace strategy, we’re always looking at the bigger picture. Our team of eCommerce experts can offer you solutions in web development and design, inbound marketing, graphic design and more. When you work with Commerce Pundit, you work with the total eCommerce solution. Whether you need help managing your marketplace, or looking for support in all your eCommerce needs, our team has the skills and passion to get the job done.

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