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Joomla Solutions

Joomla is the content management system of choice for millions of sites across the web, including complex corporate websites, online newspapers and other publications. The success of any CMS is hinged on its user-friendly experience, and with Joomla, user-friendliness is king.

There are a number of reasons people find Joomla to be their platform of choice, including:

1. Easy Website Management

It’s not just that Joomla makes it easy for you to manage your website, but it’s designed to make it easy to manage large amounts of content. Once your site is developed, Joomla allows you to add pages, edit content, and upload images simply, and quickly. Its extensive article organization structure is ideal for sites with hundreds, and thousands of pages of content.

2. Control Your Site Without the Code

Joomla’s easy-to-manage interface makes it easy for you to format text, add or edit content and upload images, without the need for a programming degree. Sure, you can use a Joomla developer to manage and edit your website. But you don’t have to. Joomla uses the standard WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor, meaning if you know how to use a word processing application, you can edit and manage your web pages.

3. Add SEO to the Joomla Equation

Optimizing your site for search engines can help drive sales and increase conversions. Joomla gives you the ability to add titles and meta tag keywords to each and every page of your website, thus making your site far more search engine friendly. On top of that, Joomla allows you to install a number of plugins designed to help make your site and content more visible to search engines.

4. Multilingual Capabilities – Localization

Your website can be accessed by anyone in the world, meaning your customers can speak any number of languages. Localizing your site to various regions can help expand your audience, but it’s also a tall task to undertake. But Joomla makes it easy. Its technology recognizes your visitor’s browser language and can automatically display the site in that language if available. It also makes it easy for users to choose the language in which they’d prefer to see the site, often by clicking on their preferences on the website’s homepage.

5. Powerful Extensions

At its core, Joomla is a powerful CMS that has proven capable of handling sites of all sizes. But it also has a large library of extensions that are easy to use and are designed to help you create a site designed specifically for your needs.

Joomla is the preferred CMS of many businesses across the globe. If it sounds like the ideal solution for you, Commerce Pundit can design an environment that’s specifically made for your needs. Once we create your site, you’ll be able to manage and add to it whenever you wish.