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Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the most effective way for online businesses to reach clients across the globe and turn them into loyal customers. It’s about giving your audience what they want, while making it easy for them to find you. This is a stark difference from old-school (outbound) marketing, where you’d buy ad space in a magazine in the hopes of catching someone’s attention.

With inbound marketing, you don’t sit and pray that the leads will come. You reel those leads in by creating quality content that your target audience finds useful and interesting. By creating this content, you attract your prospects toward your product or service, convert them into customers, and encourage them to become promoters of your business. In short, you create a marketing strategy your customers will love to be a part of.


Your branding should be consistent. Your image should be instantly recognizable. We understand how important it is that your website not only function properly, but also serve as a constant marketing medium. Our designers work with your ideas and existing content to create an online user experience that incorporates your brand into the web. We also provide original designs, from logos to color schemes, font choices and more to help capture the image you’re aiming to portray. Whether it’s creating a simple and clean corporate site, or a more intricately crafted design, we have the experience and ability to provide you a site that’s uniquely yours


Inbound marketing is not a simple, one-step process. Many differentelements go into the global concept of this modern style of marketing. As a full-service agency, we know what it takes to create a truly universal inbound marketing strategy that broadens your reach, establishes trusting relationships, and increases conversions.

One of the biggest complaints business owners have, in regards to inbound marketing, is how uncertain they are of its effectiveness and return on investment. Are their daily tweets really bringing in new sales? At Commerce Pundit, we take the guesswork out of the equation. We’ve developed a thorough approach to inbound marketing that minimizes your efforts, and maximizes your return on investment.

The first step of inbound marketing in attracting your target market. They naturally want to buy your product or service. You just have to remind them that you’re the one to buy from. You do this through SEO tactics, blogging, web page creation and social media management.
Now that you have their attention, what are you going to do with them? The answer, of course, is to convert them into customers. Offer attractive forms, calls to action, and landing pages to make it simple for them to funnel through the buy cycle.
You made a sale, but what’s better than one sale? Many sales. The goal is to keep your customers coming back for more by encouraging them to sign up for your newsletter, or follow your social media accounts, where you’ll keep them up to date about new products and savings.
Your business has already benefited from the sale, but with a well-designed marketing plan, you can turn your loyal customers into promoters. From sharing your social media posts to more, your current customers can be the key to reaching an even larger audience.


Search engine optimization increases how easily you can be found online. The first place most of your prospects go to begin their shopping experience is online. Through SEO tactics including keyword research, blogging and more, you can increase your search engine ranking and target the people most likely to convert.
Using social media to your advantage can provide you with endless rewards. You build the type of personal relationship with your customers that businesses a century ago could only dream of. But you also push your branding to new levels and encourage others to share your brand with others.
What better way to market yourself to your customers than to reach them exactly where they are – their inboxes. But there’s more to email marketing than pushing the send button. Done wrong and your efforts could be wasted.
With paid search and pay-per-click marketing, you’remarketing your business through the use of keywords your prospects use to find your product or service. This approach typically involves creating campaigns for a variety of platforms and engines, including Google, Bing, Amazon and more.


In this modern-age of marketing, it’s no longer as effective to try to convince someone they want or need your product. 21st century consumers have access to an entire world of information and advertising. They’ll go exactly where they think they should go, to find what they want. Your goal is to be there, where they are, offering them what they want – quality content that’s relevant to them. Do that, and you’ll attract prospects to your website, and convert them into customers. At Commerce Pundit, we help you reel your target in through a multi-faceted marketing approach proven to increase sales and customer loyalty.