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Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to be one of the most effective ways for brands to communicate with customers. If crafted properly, an email comes with one of the highest response rates of any marketing method. However, for every successful email campaign, there are dozens of unsuccessful ones. The statistics speak for themselves. Nearly 2/3 of email recipients report email as spam based solely on the subject line (conversely, 35% of recipients open an email based on the subject line). 17% of Americans create a new email address every 6 months. With statistics like these, how can you make the most of your marketing campaign?

Email Marketing

Taking the Steps Toward A Success Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing requires far more than gathering email addresses and sending out monthly updates. At Commerce Pundit, we help you establish an email marketing campaign that gives you the highest return on investment in order to meet your short-term and long-term goals. Our team of marketers works closely with you to:

  • Clarify your purpose
  • Outline your goals
  • Determine your email frequency
  • Create a timeline for future mailings

Can the Spam

Far too many businesses blur the lines between email marketing and spamming. Once you cross the line toward spamming, your emails have lost credibility and effectiveness. Commerce Pundit helps you steer clear of the spamming syndrome through trust-building methods such as:

  • Creating your own opt-in emailing list with an incentive to join
  • Offering free and valuable content that helps build trusting relationships

The final piece of your email marketing campaign is content. Just because your message reaches someone’s inbox doesn't mean you’re guaranteed a sale. You need copy that converts. Commerce Pundit helps you identify the most effective methods to speak to your audience and encourage them to make a conversion.

By the time your message reaches someone’s inbox, you already have your foot in your door. But one misstep and you’ll be pushed back out in the cold. At Commerce Pundit, we help you make the right decisions to get you past the front door and on your way toward a long-lasting relationship between you and your customers.