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Drupal Solutions

If It’s Good Enough For The White House …

When it comes to content management systems, few others can compete with the reputation and success of Drupal. Among the more than one million sites that Drupal runs, are WhiteHouse.gov, Examiner.com and many other globally recognizable web addresses. Drupal is also the CMS of choice for many developers because of its power, security, stability, and expandability.

At Commerce Pundit, our developers can help you develop a user-friendly, easily manageable website using this powerful, open-source CMS.

What makes Drupal so powerful and effective?

1. User Friendly Content Management System

The basis of any CMS is the ability to allow users to add, edit and manage a website’s content easily, without the need for programming experience. Drupal’s admin panel is user-friendly and makes website management a breeze. Manage your site from anywhere you have Internet access. Take control of your website from your office or couch. Drupal makes it that easy. Drupal was designed for community-based websites and comes stacked with a number of different user roles with varying controls, along with the ability to create custom access levels as needed.

2. Advanced Control

Drupal is head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to your advanced control options. Unlike WordPress, Drupal allows you to create a custom URL alias to each item of content (known as a node). This provides you far more concise URLs, vs. Joomla, for example. Concise URLs are easier for users to remember and help toward boosting your SEO. Drupal incorporates a number of advanced controls that other CMS options fall short on, and they’re constantly expanding, which is why they’re often considered to be the industry leader.

3. The Choice for SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, helps your site’s pages rank higher on search engines such as Google and Bing. Drupal’s entire CMS structure was designed with search engine ranking in mind. It’s loaded with a number of SEO modules that enhance your site’s visibility, such as giving you control over site titles, meta tags, setting related pages, generating sitemaps, managing redirects and more. Hiring an SEO to handle these tasks could cost you thousands of dollars, but Drupal makes it easy for you to become your own SEO.

4. The Power to Handle It All

Drupal is a highly scalable system that is capable of functioning at optimal levels no matter how many pages you require. That’s why it’s so popular among some of the largest built sites on the web. The optimization of JavaScript, CSS and Drupal’s built-in page caching keeps your site running at peak performance, regardless of how much it grows. Its modular architecture allows for quick and reliable solutions, even for the most complex projects.

5. The Reliable & Secure Option

Other content management systems are plagued with security breaches and concerns. But Drupal, now in its seventh stable release, has proven itself to be the secure option for CMS. Drupal is widely supported by an active community of developers and vendors who continuously maintain and build this system. Beyond that, Drupal also has an active security initiative that provides crucial updates as soon as they are needed.

Drupal is an excellent Content Management System that’s used by many recognizable sites on the web. It’s security, expandability, and user-friendly interface have helped make it the success it is today. If you believe your business could benefit from Drupal, Commerce Pundit can help guide you through the process of developing a cutting edge solution using this powerful CMS.