Gun Holsters Unlimited provides fine gun holsters and accessories throughout North America, including gun scopes, gun sights, gun lasers, lights, knives, safes and ammunition. Founded in 2009 in Louisville, KY, Gun Holsters Unlimited is a family-run business that touts its customer service as well as its ability to introduce the public to such internationally acclaimed brands as Bianchi Holsters, Blackhawk Holsters, Uncle Mike’s Holsters and more. The company turned to Commerce Pundit to help them achieve their goal of offering quality products coupled with the best customer service to an even greater audience.


Immediately upon conducting our initial research, we discovered that our client’s site was riddled with SEO issues, including duplicate product pages, irrelevant product page meta data, http/https issues and more. Our client was committed to increasing traffic and revenue through his website; however, these SEO issues were slowing him down. Our goal was to eliminate these issues and create an online presence that would equate into more business for GHU.


Our SEO team got to work optimizing GHU’s website. We worked through our list of must-do’s, including canonicalization, pagination, remedying the http & https issue, and improving the product pages’ meta data. We conducted thorough analysis in order to drive more relevant traffic to the site. Through our data analysis and market research, we were able to pinpoint which segment of the client’s audience was more likely to shop and convert. By optimizing toward this group, we successfully minimized GHU’s bounce ratio.

Throughout our SEO remodeling of the client’s site, we performed are

Keyword analysis, Adhered to Google Webmaster Guidelines for such aspects as meta tags, pagination, custom 404 pages, Rell = “nofollow”, and canonicalization, Added social networking profiles for Facebook, Flickr, youtube, Pinterest, and Twitter, Optimized all meta data, Improved the site’s content for search engines and users, Enacted an ethnical link-building strategy, including blogging, contributing to discussion boards and Launched an email marketing campaign.


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Gun Holsters Unlimited’s website was preventing them from reaching their goal of increasing their market reach. Through industry-proven methods and creative strategies, we helped optimize their website for both search engines and their users.

Visitors to their site spend nearly 70% more time on the client’s webpage’s than before, Since the launch, Gun Holsters Unlimited saw 68% new visitors, Daily visits (1,000) exceeded the client’s initial goal by 100%, Roughly 50% of all traffic driven to the client’s site is organic traffic, while all remaining traffic stems from referral sites and the client’s merchant center.


"Commerce Pundit is one of the best SEO companies we've ever worked with! They are dedicated professionals and are the best at what they do. Since we hired them, sales and profits have increased dramatically as a result of their hard work. In addition to SEO, they are among the best web developers and graphic designers and have really improved our website and blog. We really could not be happier with their services."

Arthur Rouse Jr., CEO